Friday, February 27, 2015

Blackham Basketball 2015

If I posted all about the boys and their basketball, it would overwhelm this family blog, especially during the Winter months! Years ago, I created a basketball blog to put updates on, a blog that is completely sport-centric. It's nice to have all the basketball blogging there in one spot. But still, as it is such a big part of the Blackham Bunch life, it does deserve an update here every once in a while. Here's a quick recap, with some links to the other blog posts (for video links, photos, and more in-depth reading if you so desire) ...
  • Callahan spent the summer playing basketball. This year went go to the Dixie summer camp ... that was heaven for Cal. Basketball and buddies 24/7 for a week. Back at home, Callahan and his friends got three month passes to Gene Fullmer and spent hours there during the summer days playing basketball. In the Fall, he played on a team in the Salt Lake County league. Then, it was time for tryouts! We were pretty sure Callahan would make the team, but he was still so nervous. Happily, he did make the team and had a great Sophomore Season. I went to all the home games and made lots of highlight reels. 
  • Keaton played Fall Ball as well, and then Winter season. Two leagues, so a mid-week game and a Saturday game  (Keaton 8th Grade). He also was asked to join the 9th graders in their mid-week league, so that was another weekly game and he'd often go watch them play in their Saturday district games. All the games and practices kept him pretty busy!
  • Colton played Junior Jazz. Luckily his practices and games didn't really conflict with any of the other boy's stuff. It was really nice! You can read more about his season and see some links to highlights here

Luckily, I really LOVE watching the boys play basketball. Also ... no injuries this year! Spring Season will still be busy. Callahan will be playing in a Spring league, and also a Spring tournament. Happily, almost all the games are close, at CHHS. Keaton's team did not continue to play in Spring, and he didn't want to go back to rec, so no official basketball for Keaton come Spring. Colton debated between soccer and basketball for a while, then decided on basketball, so he'll be on a 3rd/4th team at Gene Fullmer. Check back for Spring updates!

... and to keep up on a more current basis, I've incorporated more social media! An Instagram account to share pictures and quick video clips, and Twitter where I post the links to the highlight videos. So follow if you'd like updates other than the blog posts at the end of the season!

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