Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day ... From Gray

A tribute Grayson posted on Facebook.

Three women…three mothers…
The mother of my bride, the mother of my boys, and a mother of my own.

Their firstborn were all boys.

They became mothers in 1963, 1969 and 1995. One has 3 boys, one has 4 boys and one has 5 boys (though some may say she really has 6 boys). One has 2 biological daughters, one has 2 adopted daughters and one has no daughters. And they each "mother" in a way all their own.

I have an individual and unique relationship with each one. And at the risk of oversimplifying this, there are three hopes or desires that are woven deeply into these relationships and how they approach this somewhat rogue male. Here they are:

  • A strong desire for me to be safe and healthy, mostly protecting me from myself :)
  • The hope that I live up to my potential, seeing in me more than I see in myself
  • The desire that I am happy, whether or not it is merited

That’s pretty good stuff. These are the most genuine, unfiltered, pure expressions that emanate from these relationships, from these women. I am theirs and they are mine and I feel more fortunate than I deserve or can express. And while today is the official day we've set apart to recognize them… as well we should… the reality is that I think about them and our relationships continuously. They are always on my mind… always in my heart.

Wishing love and happiness always, to the three muses of my soul.

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