Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Post for Pammy

Grayson was out of town on Sunday, May 3 ... his mother's birthday. He had prepared a post for Facebook though, and made sure I got it posted for him. His words are always so touching and profound.

Here's his post ...

Goose and Zeke named her Pamela. That's what her birth certificate says. However, throughout her life she has been known by a host of monikers that are a clear indication of the affection people have for this dear soul. I wish I knew, and had time and space to share the story behind each name. Much of her history lies therein...

The moose (you'll have to ask Gordy on this one) 
Pammy-whammy ding-dong 

Today marks 69 years for her. Some will assuredly say or think it's not polite to mention a woman's age but, for me, this is something to celebrate, not recoil from. As has been the case for the 4 1/2 decades of my life with her, and up to the present time, she is often met with disbelief by those who are told her age. Indeed, there have been more than a few times someone thought I was her brother, not her son. And truth be told, she loves every minute of it... as well she should. 

For my part, there is a moniker that has come into view only in recent years… friend. 
She is my friend. 

She has an innate ability to make you feel important, validated. At least that has been my experience. In the midst of her own turmoil, she finds a way to deflect the spotlight and shine it on those around her, far more interested is what is going on with others than herself. That is the magic of Pammy. I can't explain it, nor does it need explaining. I can just revel in it. 

So today, I’m basking in the fiery glow of the candles on that cake, and wishing her a happy day and many, many more to come. 

Much love

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