Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Eating Out (and In)

 I don't think we eat out as much as many families, but we do hit our fair share of restaurants through the year. I included some in my Belated Birthdays, Landon's Graduation and our Anniversary posts, because eating out does often accompany celebrations and such. As I glanced through photos from the past year however, I found quite a few random "eating out" pictures, so I thought I'd gather them together to reflect on some eats in 2014 ...

Wendys ... always a favorite! \
Chicken nuggets, fries and frostys (also known as "dipping sauce!)

Kneaders is a family favorite. Nice and close over in Jordan Landing. I'll often sit this one out (trying to conserve calories) but several times during the year, Daddy and the boys would go for the famous french toast. The milk containers are SO puny though!

After priesthood session, Daddy took Callahan and Keaton (and Travis) to his old high school haunt Italian Village. Gray introduced them to the infamous PIZZA BENDER. We did go back as a family once too (I think I'll leave it to Gray and the boys!)

Every year for Christmas, Grandma and Grandpa Westra give the local siblings a gift of "going out to eat" once a month. Their effort and getting the families together for food and fun. Red Robin is often a favorite, especially if the kids are coming too ...

... a couple different Red Robin trips.

For Mom's birthday, we all took HER out. 
Wendy was in town and so Chris and Kim and 
Gray and I and the folks all had dinner at Asian Star. 

Occasionally Gray and I get out alone on a date too.
Here, we are at Rodizio.

At the end of the year, Kolby flew into town as a Christmas surprise for Pammy. 
All the adults went out to dinner downtown at Ruths Chris. Fine dining!

I'm sure there were many other dinners out, and probably some more pictures in my files of photos ... but these ones I had set aside for blogging purposes. It's fun to look back on the different places and groups and remember the food and fun.

As for eating IN, aka "Take Out" ... I don't have a lot of pictures, but I thought I'd mention a couple family favorites. Papa Murphy Pizza has been a bit hit over the last year. We pretty much have "Papa Murphy Mondays".  Basic cheese and pepperoni are the favorites, but Gray and Landon enjoy the chicken garlic ... and I do too, as long as there is no tomato or green onion on it, and I pick the chicken off first (so by then it's basically breadsticks).  Another restaurant that peaked the interest of the family was Popeyes. It moved in over at Jordan Landing, and our family picked up many boxes of chicken tenders over the past few months. Chick-fil-a has become a favorite as well ... pretty much replacing Wendy's (it was Cooper's birthday choice).

I'll have to do a repeat post for next year, to see which places we hit again!

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