Friday, May 30, 2014

Elementary Artwork

Part of the school day at elementary is dedicated to art. When the kids are small, we hang their masterpieces on the fridge. I do still have Cooper's 3-D snowflake (Winter Weather) from a previous year. This year I came in and volunteered once a week. Often my duties were hanging up the recent works of art that the kids had worked on. It was fun to see all the variety from all the kids. The school had an evening activity to show off all the kid's artwork. I snapped pictures of Cooper's projects. Sometimes it's hard to store the actual papers, but pictures are forever ...

It's always good to see the creative push, not only academics.

Check out some of Cooper's past artwork in older posts ...
Draw Something and Drawing Dragons

I don't remember if all the artwork was sent home (or if I saw it all when it was) but I volunteered in Cooper's classroom during the year. Many of my "jobs" were to create displays for the artwork. You can see a little more about that in my "Coming To Cooper's Class" post.

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