Sunday, May 25, 2014

Derby ... Done

It's that time of year ... Derby Time!

It's actually Derby Time almost every month of the year for Grayson, as he runs various derbies all over the area all throughout the year. But April and May, those are the busy months. Not only does he do several derbies for other scout groups, but he also runs the one for OUR scout group. And that entails more than just the day of the derby. 

A couple weeks before the derby, Grayson opens the garage, welcoming fathers and sons to come work on their cars. They can use the tools and techniques they might not have access to otherwise. Here's a couple snapshots from the workshop ...

... and of course Daddy had to help Colton and Cooper make their cars too!

Then it was the day of the derby ... I made a muvee
(see just the highlights, the night reduced to about three minutes)

And another photo collage ...

Another derby down!

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