Monday, April 14, 2014

New York New York

Grayson had hit New York last year and said he'd like to go back. When Kolby and Jami planned a trip, Gray decided to go along, bringing the two oldest boys. Maga joined them too. I was invited ... but I'm not a New York type of gal.

... and they're off!
They left Saturday, April 5th. After Gray shared a few photos of them traveling, I wondered if all the pictures of the trip would have a similar theme (Gray's head in the corner, Callahan making a  funny face, Landon being a bit blurry...)

The actual reason for the trip, was for Kolby and Jami to see their friend Will Swenson playing Javart in Les Miserables on Broadway.  Will was a good friend of mine in high school too, and I would have liked to see him perform, just not enough to brave the big city! Callahan fell asleep during the production.

 The hit all the sites ...

... and enjoyed all the eats.
The "great white way" at the Shake Shake was a favorite.

I was impressed with all the pictures Grayson took, I put them into an album slideshow (NYC2014). Jami took a ton of photos, and I'm sure Pammy has too. I still need to look through all of them. It was a great experience for the boys ... now they just need to catch up on school after missing an entire week!

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