Monday, April 21, 2014

Bouncing Blackham Bunnies

Belated happy HOPPY Easter from the Blackham Bunch! Much better than last year! We had the annual Easter Egg hunt and family party on the Westra side on Saturday, and got together with all the Blackham's on Sunday. 

In the days preceding the party, I enlisted the boys to help fill the eggs. Keaton and Colton really did about all of them! In addition to the usual edible inclusions, I like to buy toys, stickers and balloons as well. At this point, we have more older kids (hiders) and not that many seekers!

I brought the big jump rope, and it was a hit. I didn't jump myself, but I got a pretty good arm workout! Grayson got some fun action shots! We brought the jump rope to the Blackham Bash on Sunday and it was a bit hit there too!  Although Keaton did some different jumping on Clay and Courtney's tramp ...

Gray catching fun action shots again!

Sometimes I go a little overboard on Easter ... it's a little more like Christmas. Not this year. I ... (I mean the Easter Bunny) kept things pretty controlled. Callahan really wanted the DVD Frozen (I'm not kidding, he really did) and so I, and the other boys, finally got to see what all the Frozen fuss was about. It was a cute movie! Some candy, clothes ... and one more bouncy thing. A pogo stick. 

Just getting the wiggles out before church.

So that was OUR Easter.
How was yours?

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