Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Miscellaneous Memories - The End of 2013

I was looking through the folders of photos on my computer and came across several events I never got around to blogging back in 2013. I usually throw together a "catch all" post for these types of miscellaneous memories, and just hadn't gotten around to it. Better late than never! Right?

Maga bought Cooper and Colton a new set of scriptures.
They were quite into them!

Daddy and the boys went to a Jazz game!

The boys attended Uncle Clay's "Leg Lamp Lighting" party.
Have you seen "A Christmas Story"?

This was Colton's shoe after he came in from playing outside.
That has to hurt!
I'm always finding a bunch of rocks in his room.

Dough Boys
It says right on the package ... do NOT eat raw dough.
They eat it like ice cream. 
I'm not sure we ever actually baked any.

... and speaking of ice cream.
Kong Kones!

Maga had tickets to the Children's Museum.
Daddy took the boys up to meet cousins and Maga.
Fun photo memories!

I'll be backdating this post in a bit. 
Sticking it in 2013 where it belongs!

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