Sunday, February 20, 2011


If you are familiar with our family, you know our boys generally don't wear their hair very long. Buzz cuts were the general style. With five boys, that is a LOT of haircuts, so I'm so lucky that Grayson handles this, it saves a lot of time and expense. Of course, as the boys have gotten older, they have gotten a little bit pickier. They want the top left long, and sometimes they insist on going to a salon (or having Aunt Olivia do the cutting).

Through the years, Grayson has cut the kids hair in various places. In the bathroom sink, in the kitchen, in the hallway, outside when the weather is warm enough. The kids are generally pretty good about it, although there has been some shrieking (Landon above, and baby Cooper below). It's probably easier to deal with crying at home than at a salon ...

Grayson cuts his own hair too! He likes it short, short, short! He's even "bic"ed it (shaving with a razor) a few times. I remember we were on a Mexican vacation, and one of the vendors called out to Grayson saying "Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean" ... pretty funny! I tease Grayson sometimes when the stubble on his face is longer than the hair on top of his head! But as I'm completely out of my element when it comes to cutting hair, I'm very grateful to have my Grayson and his haircutting ... buzzing ... skills!

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  1. Those pictures are great! Rick cuts all the boys' hair in our family too. He even found a salon chair at a garage sale which we keep in the garage and he cuts their hair out there. Works for me!


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