Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Done Derbies

Gray is done with derbies for 2010 ... I used to try to make it to several each year, but it's getting less frequent for me to go as there are always things to do at home. Gray always takes at least one son to help out though. Sometimes it's a struggle to get one to go, other times they are fighting over the opportunity (and the cash payment that comes at the end of the night). Hopefully in the future this could be a good little side-job for the boys. Here's a list of the dates Gray did derbies this past year ...

Jan 26
Jan 27
Jan 28
Feb 23
Feb 27
March 16
March 23
March 30
April 20
April 22
April 27
April 28
April 29
May 11
May 20
May 25
May 27
June 17
June 22
Aug 7
Aug 21
Sept 21
Sept 22
Sept 30
Oct 20
Oct 27

He's already booking for 2011 ...

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