Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spice Can Be Nice

I think Gray has been cooking in the kitchen more than I have! We've gotten subscriptions to the magazines "Eating Well" and "Clean Eating" and he's always up for trying a new recipe ... no one else is really, but maybe Daddy's good habits will rub off on the kids eventually (I'm a lost cause). Trying to locate a certain spice in the chaos of the pantry can be frustrating, so Gray came up with a solution. These little circular tins are magnetic... you just pull them off the metal sheet hanging on wall. Everything is right there in plain sight, easy as pie spice to get to. Above the magnets is a little rack for the small bottles and such. Not only is everything better organized, but it opened up a big section of shelf space too.


  1. Wow, that looks awesome.. I am a little jealous!! :) Where do you find something like that?? :)

  2. Gray found them at BB&B, but then much cheaper at Costco. They actually were on a metal stand, but for our purposes a metal sheet to the wall was better.

    They would be really cute scrapbooking containers for all the little doodads, don't you think? .... if I was still scrapping ...


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