Sunday, November 19, 2017

Obsessed with Ice

Frozen water is fabulous ... wouldn't you say? Grayson sure does. He developed an ice obsession.  I think it started with pebbled ice. He picked some up for me when I was sick, and then everyone loved it, and we started trying to keep a bag on hand. I'd heard of the Opal countertop model but Gray wanted bigger and better.

We now have a pebbled ice maker. 
It IS wonderful and gets used every day.

Then ... there were ice balls.

There's more to making ice than just freezing water. You can see the difference in the clarity in the photos above. From crystal clear, to bubbles to a more opaque appearance. Some of this depends on the water (using distilled vs tap) and pressure around the mold. Grayson was constantly experimenting with how he froze his water to get different looks. 

He now owns several different types of molds.

... and there were some unanticipated ice events.

Of course Gray got gadgets.
This thing was pricey, but put in a block of ice.
Out comes a perfect ball.
Melted into shape magically in moments.

Do YOU not have a freezer drawer with different varieties of ice at your house?

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