Sunday, June 4, 2017

Callahan and Copper Hills Graduation

 It's time. For the Tassel. 
We ordered the cap and gown and made up an announcement ...

I snagged a couple shots in the cap and gown before Callahan left. The graduates needed to be early. While Landon's graduation had been downtown at the arena there, this year Copper Hills was at the Maverick Center in West Valley. Initially, I thought I'd like it better. I don't do downtown ... but parking was NOT set up for his magnitude there in West Valley. Hubs and I ended up illegally parking at a nearby hotel and hoping we wouldn't get towed. We were a little late, but because of that, we caught the kids as they were waiting outside for their entry into the building. Photo op!

Inside it was crazy crowded. The Vivent Center had enough seating at least ... here, we weren't sure if we would find any. We ended up climbing over a wall to get into the box seating sections.

So many graduates! Callahan was close to the end, although it was hard to tell, even with the binoculars Maga had in her purse. 

Every previous year, there had been both navy and green for the caps and gown. The girls wore green. I guess someone complained, some issue about diversity "what is someone identifies as ..." so the school accommodated and changed the tradition. It will be interesting to see if they go back to two colors other years.

I'll admit ... ceremony and sitting and crowds, it's not my favorite thing. I didn't even want to go to MY graduation(s). We knew several of the speakers personally though. The Valedictorian lives in our neighborhood, as does the class president, so we knew both girls well. Cal used to go out with the VP so we knew her too. The principal spoke for quite a while, and of course the presentations of the diplomas for a class that size took a lot of time. A couple hours there ... and then tons of time in the parking lot. Oy, I wasn't sure we'd ever escape. Maybe that's how some kids feel about the whole high school experience *Ü* Now off into the big, wide world!

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