Thursday, May 26, 2016

Shakespeare in School

Ah Shakespeare ... I have to admit, he's NOT my favorite author. A few months ago, Cooper's class was putting on a Shakespeare play. All the 5th grade classes at Terra Linda were. There was "The Tempest"  "A Comedy of Errors"  and "The Merry Wives of Windsor" ... Cooper's class did "A Midsummer Night's Dream". 

Yes ... the boys had to wear tights. 

Leggings were acceptable as well, and Shakespeare completely changed up Cooper's winter wardrobe. Cooper fell in love with leggings (sport leggings) and wore them the rest of the winter under his shorts.  Some good came from Shakespeare I guess ...

Parents were invited to come watch the productions. Some of the younger classes were invited to watch too. I did overhear this funny conversation on the car ride to school ...

Cooper: You better not have told your friends to laugh during my Shakespeare play today!
Colton: Naw ... I DID tell them to mock you at the science fair, but then the teacher said if she caught anyone teasing she would pull four cards! So I was like "abort plan, abort plan!"

In included the above conversation in my "Cute Quotes" page, but felt like it belonged here too.  I went and watched, and caught the play on video (much to Cooper's chagrin) ...

Here a a few highlights

Yes ... Cooper's play happened back in February, but I'm only getting to the blog update now? What's my impetus? Well, today was Shakespeare day at Keaton's school. All the 9th graders had to dress up Shakespearean style, and to make a mask. Probably a bit easier for the boys than the girls. It's fun to look around at carpool drop-off and see the kids in costume. I told Keaton to take pictures of him and his friends, but I guess I should just feel luckily he allowed me to take these ...
Keaton had donned the knickers (just some sweats pulled up to the knees) and an oversized white shirt. He didn't look quite costumed up enough, so I said I'd look for a "drape" we'd used for Callahan a couple years ago. Happily it was easy to find and did add a more authentic look.

Just for a little Throwback Thursday ... 
Callahan HIS 9th grade year!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Party for Pammy

It was someone's 70th birthday this year, and Grayson decided to throw a party for Pammy to celebrate! All the other siblings really stepped up, and Kolby's family even flew in from Seattle for the event. There was a lot of planning (it was a surprise though) for weeks on end, and then it was the big day.

It was a really nice set-up. Grayson's derby tables come in handy for more than derbies! Courtney had pieced together two big #70 displays of photographs (and created the invitation) and I'd put together a slideshow to play in the background (posted below). There was a birthday cake and a chocolate fountain, and Jami and the girls had made sugar cookies and cupcakes. Clay made pulled pork, and there were chips and veggies too. Aunt Judy brought a nice display of Pammy products and there were tons of pictures everywhere.

It was held at the old Cottonwood 1st ward church gym. All the family was invited, all the friends we could get a hold of, and all the neighbors ... it was quite the reunion. Lots of catching up after many years.

... and plenty of new pictures taken too!

Here's the video that played at the party.
It is long ... 70 years worth of pictures!

I also took video AT the party, and combined with the pictures Courtney took, here's a video recap of the party itself. Thanks to all who helped out and who came to wish Pammy a happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Pammy!
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