Thursday, January 21, 2016

6th Grade Science Fair

Ah, the science far. It is NOT my favorite assignment! It is a project that often involves the parent as much as the child. I was really quite impressed this year, as Cooper did most of his work at school (deciding the topic, the research, typing up and printing all the paperwork). We did do the actual experiment at home (I helped the first time, and then he did it on his own and took pictures). I helped with the paper-piecing of the volcano, but the assembly, positioning and adhering was all Cooper. His was just a simple water volcano (no baking soda or mentos and diet coke) ... showing that hot/colored water would rise to the top. The results were so-so.

After the projects were complete, 
they were all on display in the lunchroom. 
All the other grades got to come look over everything, and parents were invited in as well. It was fun checking out all the projects from Cooper's basketball buddies as well. I've gotten to know many of them as they have played together in Junior Jazz this year ( so if you've caught any of Cooper's basketball highlight videos, some of the faces might be familiar ... )

Here's Cooper's buddy Hunter. Cooper and the other basketball boys actually helped out with this experiment the other day. They attempted free-throws with no practice, practiced a while and then tried again. Practice IS important for improving performance!

Another athletically themed project by Ryan. 
Exercise and activity can improve your memory!

Parker's mom is an orthodontist, which provided their family with actual teeth to test! 
Soda Pop is not good for teeth!

Jamie studied static ... it always "shocks" me at Sam'sClub!

I had Zumba in the morning, and rushed right over to the school after class (Zumba ended around 10:00, and the science fair display closed at 10:30). So I was my sweaty, stinky self, but I made it!. It is funny how many of the kids recognize me as "Cooper's Mom" as I have volunteered in the class room and helped with the class parties for the past few years. It was fun to see all the projects ... and to rejoice that the science fair in concluded, at least for now ...

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