Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Getting Jazzed

Throwback Thursday Post ... I'll be backdating this to March.
For the most part, our family is pretty happy just watching the Jazz games on television (I know I am! I like to avoid the crowds and chaos and just stick to the comfort of home ... and the commentary helps me out too!). But as the boys generally play in the Junior Jazz basketball season, and that includes a couple tickets to a game ... we generally make at least one trip downtown each season, to the nosebleed seats!  This year for the first time ever, the rec center offered extra tickets for families to purchase, which was so nice. As long as Grayson is making the effort to take one kid, he might as well take a few! I bought extra tickets for the other kids, and they had a fun night.

My brother Scott has slightly nicer seats, in a suite with their work. He invited our family up for a game. A very different experience than the Junior Jazz seats! The suite was sweet! Food was provided, comfortable seating, even a private bathroom. And the dessert bar ... yum! If you click on the picture above and enlarge it, you can see some of the treats!

I even overcame my anxiety and attended with the family!

Thanks Scott!

And the Jazz won both times we went to the games!

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