Thursday, September 18, 2014

If Ye Lack Wisdom ...

When it comes to serving an LDS mission, sometimes the problem isn't lacking wisdom, but having it. Them rather. Wisdom teeth that is.

I never had my wisdom teeth out. Neither did Grayson. We really aren't even sure if we have them or not. We didn't know about Landon either. But in the prep for submitting his papers, he went in for a dental checkup and yes. Wisdom teeth. Two impacted, two under the gums. Dang ... we were actually hoping he lacked wisdom. Teeth that is.

So ... we looked up an oral surgeon and booked a date. Grayson took the afternoon off work to come help (if I needed it). They had us into the office for a Q&A, then took Landon in and put him under. Then Gray and I waited, and it was done.  I know there are a ton of funny videos, and we did film a bit, but it wasn't anything really post worthy.

At home, we set Landon up in the family room watching TV. I had to leave to pick up Keaton, and Gray was laying down for a nap himself. I asked him to stay awake just until I got back, just in case Landon wandered around or something. Gray got up, followed me into the kitchen and ... no Landon. He had wandered off. Actually, he had just ducked into the computer room hiding from us. He thought it was pretty funny.

He really wasn't that bad puffy wise. I stocked up on soft stuff to eat. Pudding, jello, yogurt ... he was back to normal in no time. Except now ... he lacks wisdom. Teeth that is.

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