Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Colton Takes 1st with a Tie

 It's that time of year again ... well, in the Blackham house, it's almost ALWAYS derby season (as Grayson owns a track and runs derbies all year round). But in April, it is even more true! Not only is it the derby for our pack, but Gray hosts a builder's workshop in the weeks before, opening up our garage and tools for anyone who wants to come and get a little help with their car construction. I was off to a Zumba class that morning and didn't grab pictures like I usually do. 

Grayson is generally too busy helping everyone else during that time to actually work with Colton, but that's okay. Colton got some one on one time with Daddy a little later on, although admittedly, they were still rushing to finish up the night before the derby!

Not sure where Colton got the idea for a TIE car, but that is what he wanted. So that is what they made. Pretty cool! And in the actual race, there weren't many ties ... it was beating everyone!

Mr. Fancy Tie was the car name. 

Here's some video clips of the night ...

Congrats to Colton!
1st place!

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