Sunday, November 23, 2014

Catching Up with Cooper

 Looking through family photos, I found quite a few of COOPER ... just miscellaneous ones that didn't really have a "blog post" to them. I figured, I'd do a Cooper Compilation! The picture above? Just Cooper being silly! He loves his Pokemon hat, and usually wears it the right way. 

Speaking of Pokemon, Cooper was very excited when the latest game came out. He'd saved his money and had me pick it up for him the day it came out. Notice the hat in the correct position in this picture!

It looks as though Cooper has been attacked.  By What?
A large snake? A vampire?
It was actually a dandylion digger!

Cooper is hard on shoes! Unfortunately he still doesn't like tying shoes. I've found some slip-ons at Kmart/Sears (which I can buy with my Fitstudio savings), but they just don't seem to last very long! We've gone through several pair, and they all do THIS (see above) ...

Cooper isn't playing basketball on a team, but Colton is, and Cooper still came to most of the practices and would shoot around. Look at the sweat on that boy!

The sport he LOVES, starting this school year, is football. We bought him a ball, and then some gripping gloves. He plays everyday with his friends at recess. He's become quite the football fanatic! 

So there are some random pictures of the CooperMan ... 

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