Thursday, January 15, 2015

B&N, Books and Beats

I've often despaired that my boys didn't love reading the way that I do. It's always been a school assignment for them, not something they actually enjoyed. But low and behold, as Landon finished up his senior year, he started to actually LIKE reading! Still not really for enjoyment, he wasn't reading novels and such - but nonfiction to gain information. He started buying books, he wanted a Kindle, he joined GoodReads.

He even got a job and Barnes and Noble!

This was after working the summer/fall in construction. He was ready for a bit of a change, especially as winter was bearing down. He got hired on as part of the holiday staff, working the last couple months of the year, and through January ... which actually worked out almost perfectly with his mission prep plans. Barnes and Noble was only five minutes away, over in Jordan Landing. Not much of a commute (which was nice, as construction had him traveling over 30 minutes each way each day).

Landon enjoyed his work at Barnes and Noble, made some friends, bought some books. There was a contest among the employees, I can't remember exactly what for (signing people up for the B&N Club or something) and Landon won. His prize. A set of Beats headphones! Those are nice, with a price tag of over $300!

Those few months before Landon left on his mission, will be remembered for B&N, books and beats!

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