Saturday, July 26, 2014

Seattle 2014

In July, Grayson, the boys, and the extended Blackham Bunch headed out to Bellevue to go visit the Seattle Blackhams. I have a "bit" of anxiety in the car, being out of my routine, so I had a "staycation" alone at home ... Grayson did quite well keeping me updated with pictures and emails along the way. 

My boys stopped along the way ...

When they got to their destination, they spent a day seeing the city sights, 
including the Space Needle of course.

They spent some time hanging at Kolby and Jami's house.
Uncle Clay made donuts.

Gray took up the waverunners, and the crew spent a few days at Lake Sammamich.
That's Keaton flipping off the board on the dock.

Then everyone boarded the ferry and headed to Orcas Island

On the Island ...
 Seeing the sights

 "the tree"

capturing crabs

Ana throwing Amare off a cliff

All the kid cousins!

 Group Shot!

A visit to Seattle wouldn't be complete without eating out 
at Lunchbox Laboratory.

So yes, I missed out on the fun by not going. The 12+ hour drive was just too much, plus all the other waiting and eating issues (and TOM) ... and in truth? A week home alone can be heaven as well! I cleaned the house and it STAYED clean. Also, whereas Washington is known for rainy weather, it was beautiful there while the Utah Blackhams visited.

Back at home however, we were hit with a HUGE rainstorm. One of the raingutters was clogged and water was pouring into one of the window wells. I had to jump down and bail it out before we flooded.  So, maybe it was good I was home to keep watch around here ...

There are a TON more photos, and video too. Gray took the GoPro and another waterproof video camera. I wonder if I'll get through them all to put them in an online album, or make family muvees. At least I FINALLY got this blog post up! I'm backdating to July though, so you'll never know just how late I really was ... 

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