Saturday, November 2, 2013

Goodbye Grandma

I have a lot of fond memories of Grandma and Grandpa Norman. It was hard to see them aging through the years. Grandpa passed away a few years ago (Goodbye Grandpa) and I think everyone was surprised that he preceded Grandma, as her health had seemed a little more tenuous. She hung on for a few more years and passed away peacefully October 24. She was 95.  The funeral today, and it was nice to hear all the stories and history and see all the family that gathered to say their goodbyes.

I remember Grandma's cooking ... her homemade rolls, handmade candies and of course the pies. She tried to pass on her pie making to my sister and me. She had us over for a lesson, but I don't think I mastered it at all.

I remember playing "fast-ies and strong-ies" with my siblings and cousins at family gatherings at their home. Gathering raspberries from the bushes and fruits from the trees in the backyard. Running around the sideyard, down the steep slope.  The BBQ, permanently placed at the back porch where they would roast hot dogs ... Grandma would call them "weiners" and we kids would giggle behind our hands.

I remember Grandma's glass coffee table and miniature crystal statues. The old sewing machine with the foot pedal. Trying to slip through the laundry shoot and grabbing the pole to swing as we raced down the stairs. The little metal boat and fishing trips to Strawberry Reservoir.  Playing Rummycube and other games. Blowing bubbles with spools.

One more recent memory ... we had stopped by the house to say hello. Grandma asked if we were hungry, but we said no. She then mentioned she had some donuts. We again declined. A couple minutes later she got out the donuts and presented them to Grayson to eat. He said "Thank you Grandma, that's just what I wanted".   Now if I ever press Gray on something that he's already said no to, he will call me "Zada" ...

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  1. Loved the memories -- I have some of those too and need to add them to mine! I remember those "fasties" and "strongies" games. So funny! I had to laugh at your last line!


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