Friday, January 1, 2010

Callahan's Weekly Reports (2010)

0701 (Thursday) Today was Field Day I loved the slip and slide I got all soapy. The dunk tank was awesome too. When the water war came up all my friends teamed up on other people. I had a white shirt and all my friends signed it. I also brang my ipod and played Schools Out. I think this will be one of the best summers ever! My mom just started a new allowence. I'm going to get 20$ a month now. I really like this idea because I need minutes for my phone. My dad showed my family this new place calleed Subzero Ice Cream. Their ice cream is so good! I'm always thinking of differant flavors and mix-ins. I've been looking forward to the 4th of July because I like looking at fireworks. we are getting new neighbors now and theirs a kid who likes basketball. I've been waiting for a neighbor who likes basketball alot.    

703 (Saturday)      Our neighbors got a new pool and I swam in it. It was so COLD! The new neighbor Travis came too. After that we went to the rodeo it was so long. But the kids riding the sheep was funny. The  fireworks were cool but long too. Most of the rodeo was boring too. The guy who hosted the rodeo kept talking and talking and talking.   I liked the demolition derby better.              

705 (Monday) We saw Toy Story 3 today. It was so funny. Landon was so happy to see it even though he is 14. But Cooper kept bugging my mom about it like, "Are we going yet". After that we swam in the Lavalles pool agian, but this time it was warmer water. Then at like ten o'clock we did fireworks. They were awesome. The Flitton's had the coolest fireworks. That might have been the coolest night of the summer.          

0710(Saturday)    Yesturday, Today   and the day before I had Scout Camp. Yesturday was the best day of scout camp. We shot .22 Rifles, then Archery and Rock Climbing. I got a pocket knife with a wolf on it. We were bored after the activities, so at the camp sight we widdled with our knives. I made the silkest dart ever! Then during free time I just rotated the with rifles, archery and rock climbing. In the morning I had 4 pancakes, 6 sausages and 4 glasses of milk. The camp was one of the best camps! 

0712(Monday) We went to my grandma's house and there was the ward party we went down water slides jumped in bounce houses and it was awesome! Cooper got a firework painting on his face. Me Landon and Keaton were like the police of the water slide. We would tell them when to go and when to not go. We were able to squirt them if we needed to. In the bounce house I did the splits, I thought I would cry. I got this new car game "Burnout Paridise". It is so fun you just wreck other cars and go off ramps. That is my favorite car game.

0713(Tuesday) On my basketball game my team won by 53 on Saturday! I did pretty good. I had about ten points. Our center plays baseball too, so he actually broke his finger during baseball. So our other center has to play the whole game for the rest of the season! I had that game right after scout camp. My friend at my school was on the other team. But I didn't play for a long time. The treats were G2 and Granola Bars. I' going to miss the next game because our family is going to Seattle.

0716(Friday) Today we started are way to Seattle, but the ride was so long. My little brother Cooper didn't and neither did my mom. During the way there I read about two hours of Fablehaven The Rise Of The Evening Star. We went to Wendy's on the way. We stoped at Oregon to sleep at the hotel. My dad ordered Domino's pizza. The cinnoman sticks were the best! But the garlic bread was so good! We swam in the pool at the hotel. Love U mom if you read it!

Love U2 buddy! Thanks SO much for writing :) I'm glad you are reading, I am reading Fablehaven too (book 5). Fablehaven is good, I try to imagine it being made into a movie, but there are so many creatures and so much action I think it would be hard. Sometimes it's better just to use your imagination. I thought you would stop at Wendy's during your drive ... so Cooper I and went to Wendy's today too. We also went swimming too. I took him to the WJ pool to sign him up for swimming lessons for next week, and then we stayed and swam. I wish we could have been swimming with you guys. Cooper has learned a lot and needs to show Daddy what a little fishy he is. 

0717 (Saturday) We got to Seattle today! It took about the same amount of distance that we did yesterday. I probably read more today because I got to the better part. The day we left I was on about page 140 and now I'm on 280 or something. We are staying at our cousin's house ( Maddy and Meiya). We had hot dogs and bratwursts.  I saw some of Maddy's drawings, they are really good! Maddy and Meiya kept climbing on Landon's back. LOVE U MOM AND COOPSTER! Hope you having a good time.          (P.S When we get back we should go to SubZero.)

I'm glad you all got there safe. Hope you have fun playing with your cousins. I think we can definitely plan on going to SubZero sometime when you get back. Cooper misses his brothers, but Bailey and Jacob have been really nice letting him come swim in their pool and also coming over here to play with him. I had Bailey come babysit when I went out to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Derek and Aunt Danielle.  I emailed Stockton's mom, your basketball team won 42-10 ... even without you! 

0721 (Wednesday) Thanks for telling me mom, but yeah we're having a great time! So the first day we had alot of s'mores. But that night I barfed on Keaton's sleeping bag. We had a 1.1 mile hike to Cascade Fall's. Then we went swimming. On Tuesday we kayaked to a tree hanging over the lake so we jumped of the tree and into the water.  We went to the Obstruntion pass beach, they had  crabs and good skipping rocks. Today we went to EastSound  to Virn's and had pancakes. There were snakes there at the beach right by the restaurant, when we tried to find crabs all of them were dead but then I flipped a rock over and a ton of crabs scatered all over! If dad sends you the video and pics you'll see! Tomorrow we might be home  so Cooper don't sweat it! Love U!

0723 (Friday) Yesterday we got home from Seattle! It took like 12 hours! We got home at midnight. My little brother showed me a signed LeBron James card. We got baseball gum at a gas station, it was like tobacco looking gum, I also got a Coke. My mom gave me some SkullCandy earphones! There silver and white I'm listening to them right now (7:58). My mom has two other SkullCandy (Orange and Green). I've been doing my jobs on the first day back. My friends and I are going to play Fugitve tonight.

0725 (Sunday)  A couple days ago my family got Netflix. We got it because our cousins had it and we loved it. We watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. That is our favorite show on Netflix. Landon might like "Future Weapons" more though. We have watched so much that Landon has gotten "sick"! Heday felt sick on Friday night but did just fine. Now he is in bed right now (Sunday). Now my dad is making a meat Landon missed the last time he made and now he might miss it again. It would really suck, because I loved the meat last time. THE END FOR TODAY

0730 (Friday) Yesterday I went to my dad's work! I scanned and filed papers, it was a little boring but then I finished early and went to the job site. We went to Arby's for lunch, I had a roast beef sandwich, curly fries, root beer and a vanilla shake. I met someone who works with my dad, his name is Dave. After I was done I got 38 dollars. Right after I got the money I finally was able to get more minutes on my phone (3000) so all my money went right backto my mom. Then I had basketball practice at 5:00. Our coach is making us practice a lot because were playing a really good team on Saturday. My friend Drake is on that team, but Stockton, one of the best players on our team is going to miss the game. We won this good team before (spring season) but they were missing one of their best players. So we'll see tomorrow!

0801 (Sunday) Well we lost the game on Saturday by 7 points or something. I made a clutch three that made us go up by 2 for like 1 minute. But our forward was the one who kept us in it half the time. Yesterday we went to our Grandma Westra's for a surprise birthday party. It wasn't the best surprise..., because all of are cars were on the driveway. We had cake and ice cream. After we went to church we had the main brunch as always. Today is the day we get our allowance. Now my mom made it the average of the jobs a week is what we get. I'm pretty sure I get 5 bucks today. We'll  see.

0803 (Tuesday) Today we went to KOPFC for Jaxon's birthday party. It was the coolest water park ever! They have a bucket full of 1,000 gallons of water that dumps on you. I went off 3 dives. There was a dive like 36 feet in the air. I didn't go on the highest one. I went on one that was probably 20 feet in the air. They also had a  indoor pool that I in, there was a water slide that was so fun! You go so fast that you almost fall out of the slide! But what sucked is that Landon, Parker and his friend Josh kept ditching me. The line was so long though. After I got home my friend Andre came over. Then we went to his house and went down a inflatable water slide. It wasn't really fun but it was okay.

0804 (Wednesday) Today I have basketball practice, I hope it's not to hot by then . My mom has to pick me up early I can make it to scouts. But scouts has been really fun lately because we finish early and then play in the gym. But there is a bad side to it and that is that when the gym is lock..... no basketball. Last time we couldn't play a lot we had to set up for the girl scouts IN THE GYM! So we just left 5 minutes early. I do not know why but I want to go to school. I do want to see my friends again. But Andre is going off when I get on, that's what really sucks. Basketball practice got canceled. 

805 (Thursday) Today I was really bored because the Lavalles are at there grandma's for the last few days. But then Stockton came over to my house for a couple hours. We went bowling for a like a hour at All Star Lanes. I won the game, I had 116 pins knocked down, Landon had 114, Keaton had 94 and Stockton had 76 or something. In the arcade there was a new game called Termanator. I didn't play it did car racing. Then I went to practice, Stockton didn't go because he went to a movie. A new kid was trying out for the team. The coach told me to play him one on one. I won 3 to 0 and we went by 1's.

0806 (Friday) In the morning Keaton and I played Monopoly Deal and he killed me by 20million$! Then when Bailey and Jake came over that was all he could talk about. Me and Landon just wanted him to shut up. Then we played it again and I won. Bailey talked about legos one day and made us want to play it again so we did. Cody on my basketball team got his cast off so he will play in the championship! We'll win by so much it will make the other team cry! Right now my journal almost erased.

0808 (Sunday) Ya on Saturday we made the other team cry....well at least some of them. But I forgot that my friend Cody was on that team. I didn't score so much, but I did get like 8 assists. After I went to a derby. I ran the start gate. And in the grand finals all the cars were by the same family. This was for a family reinoin. And I haven't got my money yet!Today at church our teacher forgot our treats it's so bad! But our teacher will give us extra treats next week. Landon and his friends went to Kearns Oguirrah Water Park yesterday. I wanted to go but I was at my game. Our cousins Maddy and Mia are going to be in town this week. But my mom said they won't be at our house a lot because they probably want to see a house they haven't seen.

0809  (Monday)  We went to Nickelmaina yesterday. Me and Keaton were so bored so my mom took us to Nickelmaina. We had to go to a photoshoot at a farm! And everyone had to be in brown polo's,  levies, brown shoes and black socks. I thought Maga was putting to much into it. It was boring but we did see Kolby, Jamie. Maddy and Mia again. When we got back everyone was playing hockey. I hate hockey! They did that all day! But when alot of people left we did "Ghost In The Graveyard". Then today in the morning Keaton creamed us in Monopoly deal. And until 2:30 Bailey and Jake came back from their grandma's. So, so far today it's been a bad day so we'll see how the rest of the day goes.

0812 (Thursday) Today Keaton, Landon and I saw Despicable Me. It was really funny! Stockton my friend called twice in the middle of the movie. After the movie I went to Stockton's house and played for a couple hours. We played basketball watched "Mall Cop" and played NBA 2K10. He won by three points in the basketball game, he creamed me in NBA 2K10. Then we went to basketball practice, and people were setting up for a wedding ON A BASKETBALL COURT!!?!?!?!?!!?!? I mean who does that?? We got to play basketball but we almost knocked over a table. If we stayed longer we would have been the entertainment group. Then I got home and we did a basketball game, and my team won of course but also Keaton wussed out again.

0813 (Friday) We had our summer breakfast today at "VIRG'S." It was ssssoooo good! And at 4:00 o'clock I'm going to a birthday party at Bondocks! It's been so long since I've been there! It's for Brendan aka "Bean Dip." I got him a Nerf gun, rocket balloons and a basketball thing. But today sucks to because we have to go to school in a couple days. Brendan got a new phone too! So I can keep in contact with him and stuff. But it sucks because not  everyone on the team has a phone. But I can't wait for 4:00 o'clock comes around!

0814 (Saturday) That party was amazing! We did go carts, laser tag, and mini golf. The laser tag beats all though. It was the birthday party boys (the basketball team) verses people we didn't know. Our team won of course. I got 4th place on my team with 925 points. Jared won with Brendan 2nd and Tanner 3rd. I almost got killed in the go carts. I was going really fast and then a man ramed me and I bumped Brendan. When it was arcade time I played a game with Jared called "House of the Dead Four." It was so scary but really fun. I got back from Boondocks at 10:30! And today at 2:00 I went to a basketball game. It was one of those blow out games again. But after that game I saw my friend Cody and Cole. They were going to face off. I wanted to watch it but I had to go home. And I'm going to see him on Monday at school. Ya we're going back to school in two days. But I'm fine with it, because I want to see my other friends.

 0815 (Sunday) That night we played "Capture the Flag." It was fun. My team won twice. Today we went to church. When we got back I really was wanting a Ipod Touch. But I've been wanting one forever. So I've been on Ebay and Amazon looking for one. I almost got one but we got outbid. I'm probably going to get one in a month or something. But I want one before! But I still need all the money, it sucks so much.

*** From here on, the entries are in REVERSE chronological order … to take up where summer left off, go to the bottom and read UP ***

1230 (Thursday) Today I went to Parker's party at Gene Fullmer. Actually we went to Parker's house first. Over there it is ALL Utes. When I say all Utes I mean ALL Utes. At Gene Fullmer we first went on the slide. After that we played tag. That got really boring really quick. I found them playing football in the higher pool. We wanted to play basketball but this weird kid had had the ball almost the whole time. So we finally got the ball when he gave it to the lifeguard. But then the swim team came so we had to get out of the pool till 5. Then a couple of us played "Catch the Theif." But that didn't last long because the lifeguard thought we were fighting. I got home and I was REALLY tired.

1229 (Wednesday) At about 10 in the morning Bailey and Jacob came over and we did about......nothing really. But we did play NBA 2K9, I won Bailey the first time but lost to Jacob the second time bacause he kept on chucking up 3s and making them. So we went to their house and played pig and their big hoop thing that they have. I lost then won. It's so fun on theirs! Travis got his Count and Big Bird Sesame Street hats today. At 2 I went to the church to have a scrimmage but fricking people were having their family pictures taken. I mean who takes family pictures in the church gym. They go do it in the church gym out of the 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 places in the world. It's just like when those weirdo people had a wedding at the OUTDOOR basketball court. We just ahd the scrimmage at a differant church and played. But when I got done (my team lost big because of Crosby and I also got really banged up) I went to the orthodontist because my new arch thing in my mouth was poking me and I was bleeding a lot. I went back to Bailey's and played pig again then went to Travis's. We played a fun card game but I lost, but we also played Ker Plunk.....I lost again though.

1228 (Tuesday) So today I’ve been really bored but then life savers came, Jacob, Bailey and Travis. For the first little while we played basketball and football. We used my nerf football to play football. Then we just started running from each other and it became the hide and seek remix. Then I went to the orthodontist and got a red braces. Right after that my mom and me went to Kohl’s and I got a nikey basketball bag. It is so awesome! So now I get less to carry when I go to practice and games. When I got back to my house we went to Gene Fullmer with Keaton and Landon. Landon and I played basketball almost the whole time but Keaton went to swim. It was really fun there! I won in PIG even though I sucked at the start. Mom made Chicken Pillows and they were HOT! I burned my tongue and it hurt very much. I also went to Bailey’s at like 6 and they showed me the Micheal Jackson Experience that they got for Christmas. It’s strange but they seem to love it. And then I had Otis Cookies………….wait that is what I’m eating right now haha.

1227 (Monday) So today I went to Stockton's before we had practice with Reggie(Our Super League Coach.) Stockton got a jacket and a basketball nikey bag with his name sewn into it. The whole family got a basketball hoop to put downstairs and it is so fun!  There are two hoops and you play each other for 30 seconds and if you get 30 points during that time you get 15 more seconds. After that 15 seconds if you have 60 or more then you get ten more seconds. We played basketball outside till we had to go to practice. At practice I showed Reggie that I can finally do my left handed layups. I practice most of the morning doing those. Then we did a 4 on 4 game. I think my team won even though Crosby( A kid on my team) got a T( Technicale Foul) because he kept whining and calling fouls even though they weren't fouls. And Wednesday we do a 5 on 5 game with our total jerseys but it's just with the team not other teams.

1226 (Sunday) Well we had a good Christmas with all the toys. I got 2 footballs, one from my mom and one from my grandma. I mean it's alright because my school loves football. Travis and me have been playing football and basketbll a lot. I got these new tank tops and some underwear. All of the family got 3 movies, The Last Airbender, The Karate Kid and How to Train Your Dragon. Also I've been weights and cardio but mom keeps on kicking me off. So that's why I'm here right now because mom kcked me off the elipticle. We went to Derek and Daniele's church and house for the baby blessing. Now it starts to snow, the day after Christmas:(, it's supsosed to snow ON Christmas. But it's ok because it's over now.

1220 (Monday) So on Saturday we won our game by a bit, and my mom made a video. It's awesome! Keaton won by two and Cooper won by like a million. My mom said that he did really good on fast breaks. On Sunday I went to Maga's house and we had cake and ice cream. We played the candy bar game and the present game. The present game was sort of annoying. The candy bar game my mom won the 50 bucks. My dad won it last year so the other part of the family is getting mad. It is Landon's turn next year then MINE. If Landon gets it then I don't I'll be pissed. I missed the luner eclipse but it's not the end of the world I'll see it next time it comes......................when it comes.

1219 (Sunday) So I was pretty excited to go to school on Friday. Student Council had a thing with the office, we are making little bags for every student in the school. It  has 5 silly bands, a candy cane and we have to tie them up, then curl them. Now I know how the elves feel. :( We have been there from 2:30 to the end of the day. But we still haven't finished yet. And at lunch we had to get all the ICU's. It was so tiring. We also had the Market Day that day. It wasn't as good as the last one though. I used 100$ exactly. Then Klint canceled his practice that we had with him. I wonder why because our first game was the next day. We still won even though the refs couldn't call ANYTHING for us. They called everying for them and we still won. My mom made another video of the game, I love my mom's videos.

1211 (Sunday) So I didn't have a game on Saturday but my bros did. I went to watch both of them. Keaton's was at nine in the morning and Coopers at 4p.m. Keaton got like five million steals, I didn't know he was that good. They won a blowout (a blowout in 4th grade.) Cooper's was at Columbia, and it was fun to watch. Cooper scored first with a steal. He got like five million steals too. They are like my super stealy brothers. We play the "Runnin Minors" on Wednesday. We played them last year at West High. We blew them out so it might be a easier game but you never know. Tomorrow we have school again, and I actually want to go. I also got Klint's practice tomorrow at 6. I actually like Klint's practice now because we run less plays. I CAN'T WAIT FOR TOMORROW!

1209 (Thursday) Yesterday we had our first game at FranklinCovey at 9 o'clock. My mom wasn't happy for the location or time so she made my dad drive. At first we couldn't find any doors, but then we saw the right one and found the court. I was testing out my new shoes and I got to rip off my pants in front of some people. I started the game off with a three but that didn't stop with our team. We made a lot of shots but also missed a lot. We got the first game win by 4 points. Next week it is the "Runnin Minors." We won them last year and we think it is the same team so it won't be too crazy. But who knows. So we'll see next Wednesday.

1205 (Sunday) I've been very bored. I didn't have a game on Saturday, but Keaton and Cooper did, and Landon reffed. But on Friday was FULL of fun! So I went to Super League practice, I didn't so very good though. But after that I went to Ridley's party, it was so fun! Mom said that Colton couldn't come at first, but then he cried and cried, and when they got here Christy said he can come and he was SO happy. He almost tripped on the way to the car running to fast. The party was a WATER party. They rented the WHOLE pool! Ryland, Kaden(His Cousin), and me played capture the flag. But his other cousin kept attacking us and we didn't know why. The cake was SO good! Ridley got almost all legos for his BIRFDAY. I was really tired on the way back, I almost fell asleep. Travis wasn't in primary because he is 12. HE BETRAYED ME! He is really rude! Can't wait till I'm 12!

1129 (Sunday) On Friday the Jazz won the Lakers! I was so happy! Then on Saturday the Utes won BYU! It was a good week. But today we had church, Travis wasn't there because he was at Vegas. He said he got a touch nano but I haven't seen it. Monday we go back to school:(. I can't wait till practice tomorrow because I can't go outside and do it anymore. Joe Sexton came to our church to see Skyler and his sister speak because they go on their missions Wednesday. Right after church the Jazz game was on so Cooper came right to the computer. They won..........again. YAY! I think Andre comes on track Monday so I'm excited.

1127 (Saturday) A couple weeks ago we won our championship game!!!! It was so fun! I went over to Mason's before the game. We played basketball and baseball , it was so fun! I also started Super League again. We just barely figured out that we use the girls ball. It made me so mad. Now I play with the full size and the girl size. So I'll be off in some of the games. So I've been practicing with the small ball because I'm still good with the full size. On Thanksgiving we had turkey, ham, potatoes, rolls, it was so good! Landon and me went downstairs and pelted each other with plastic marbles.We got home and I wanted to just go to sleep straight away. I'll write tomorrow so bye.

1112 (Friday) The second day of school the student council went to BYU. We missed school but BYU was just like school. They talked about leadership and how to help out the kids that are left out. But now it's the end of the week and on Friday we did ICU's, we missed D.A.R.E because of it. But the other student council members said that the other kids were screaming the other week. Some of the other ones might get kicked off. Now on Saturday I have a game, we play Cole's team. He thinks that we will lose to him. Also on Friday I had a pracice with Reggie. It was cool to see the other kids again. The Jazz won against the Atlanta Hawks which was cool, now they are on a 4 game streak and today they play the Bobcats. We'll see if they win.

1111 (Thursday) We finally went back to school. I was bored as crap! School has been pretty good. I finished a lot of books, I'm on this book now called "Found." Tomorrow is gonna be awesome:).We will have root beer floats and it's a short day. Then after school I'll go to the first practice with Reggie. I can't wait!! The Jazz have been doing awesome!!! They won the Miami Heat and the Orlando Magic. Tomorrow they play the Atlanta Hawks. I had practice with Klint today but he wasn't there. We just played each other. Stockton said it was a tie but I don't know. It's been really cold out so I couldn't play basketball. Last night was filled with basketball and football. Because after scouts we always play those sports. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

1101 (Monday) I was gonna write on Sunday but didn't have the time. Church really sucked beacause we had to practice for the Christmas Program.  It sucked a lot because my legs were like dead asleep. I like couldn't stand up because my legs were felt like they were shot. I was really glad to go home that day. I eat some candy then at 5 we went to Maga's but she was a little sick. We celibrated all the October and November birfdays. They got their Foosball Table up when we were there. The Jazz finally won their first game and the killed. I was a little surprised because they played a pretty good team and still won. We got home really late that's why I couldn't do this yesterday. Landon and me were watching "The Office" and Jim and Pam had these really small Bluetooths and now I want one or two so I can talk to someone while playing basketball or something, I'd maybe give one to Landon and just talk all day when he is somewhere else. We didn't have a game because of Halloween, that made me mad because I'll miss my next game so oh well. I'm going to the Dunes this week that's  why I'm missing that game.

1030 (Saturday) Today was the day everyone goes “Trick or Treating.” But before I tell you about that I’ll tell you about the derby I went to with my dad and Landon. Landon didn’t really want me to come because he’d get less money but he says we will both get twenty dollars if we do good. I haven’ t even got my money yet! I want money! I got 30 dollars but I will have 50 if I ever get my money. Then on Friday we went to the church for the “Trunk or Treating.” It’s fun for the first few minutes then it’s just pretty boring. Then today we went “real” trick or  treating. Ryland, Cole, Keaton, Bailey, Jacob,  Ridley, Cooper and me went together until they got tired and left with only Cole, Ryland and me and we went all the way down to the canal and a little further. I got a buttload of candy, my mom tried to steal a Reese’s but that won’t slide that easy so I tried to get her and got my candy back and gave her a “Palmers” that are like Reese’s with the peanut butter and all that. My legs were totally dead when I came home. I was too tired to read. So I’m going to bed.

Oct 28 (Thursday) We went to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s and Wednesday. I didn’t want to go but when I got there I was happy I was there.  We played “Hide and Seek.” I had the best spots ever! Like no one found me until they kept giving up. Then we went to bowling again today, the place was packed with middle schoolers and high schoolers. Cosmic was on so we played in cosmic. After we went to the arcade and Ryland got 1000 tickets on one game by stacking blocks! He is going to do it again next time and get more. Ryland and Ridley came after bowling, we played a game that was really fun. It was 3 and 4 way “Capture the Flag.” I won twice and Jacob won once. How you played was everyone hides their flags and you go after eachothers. You split the boundaries into how many people you have and who ever gets all the flags 1 less than how many people you have wins. I had the best spots there too. Tomorrow we do the “Trunk or Treat” at the church. I guess we will see how that goes.

1024 (Sunday)  Yesterday  the day started really slow and went really slow. After 2:00 it went pretty fast. At 2:00  I went to the “White Board” practice. From there I went to the game, against Michelle’s team. It went you could say or in other words “okay” but the I don’t know maybe 30 second mark they drained TWO THREES! After those threes the score was tied. Then the ref called a travel and Parker but it wasn’t a travel ( The refs really sucked). They shot a 3 at the buzzer but missed luckily. We were the last game so I wondered why they didn’t do overtime though. I was really mad but a tie is better than losing. Now today we are doing to Clay and Courtney’s for Will’s and Addie’s “birfdays.” I can’t wait! :D

1022 ( Friday) Today went to fast today besides from 6 and from then on. At 6 I helped set up Bailey’s party, the party was so fun! :O(Look sideways.) We did pin the hair on Justin Bieber, Spoons, Foosball and Pool. After everything was done we went outside and played “ Judge in the Court,” “The Frog Game” and “Kick the Can.” It was really fun! We got Bailey Skullcandy headphones, Monopalay Deal and little “toys.” We are lucky we didn’t get her a basketball because the Hyers did. Now tomorrow I got a game AT 5 PM!!! Usually they are at like 9am-2pm, but 5 is just to long away. And it’s against Michelle’s team, MAN I CAN’T WAIT! We will see who wins (Which will be us.)

1021 (Thursday) I wanted to write yesterday but I couldn’t so I did today. Well on Tuesday we went to bowling for off track, it was so much different! They cut of four lanes to make more arcade room. They also got credit cards instead of tokens. We get a credit card that updates the tickets and tokens. Ryland and Ridley came to bowling this off track. I had a ortho appointment and got a powerchain on my braces. My teeth hurt a lot now. On Wednesday after scouts we played football, basketball and watched a basketball game. It was a really fun night! We did bowling today too, I got a new record of 156 pins knocked down! It was my best record ever!! Can’t wait to do it again.

1017(Sunday) We went camping for fall recess. It was really fun, Karson, Landon, Cort, Keaton, and some of Karson’s friends and me went out to go hunting for lizards. Karson found like 3 lizards, the first one we blew up with a bottle rocket. We went out to this place to have lunch and to explore the tunnel and the huge rocks. It was a six hour ride! I was so tired! We got to ride in the four wheeler, but Cort and his sister got to ride their motorcycles(which I got jealous of that.)But luckily we got a lesson before we left which was awesome! The way back wasn’t that bad, but the way up was worse than the way back. It was hard to get to sleep because there was motorcycles going and didn’t stop. Besides that it was one of the best camping trips ever!

1014 (Thursday) On Wednesday we had our Halloween party, it was so awesome!!! I felt a little weird after because my tummy hurt, haha ya it did though... really it did. I loved it, it was soooooooo fun!! Colton was Mario, everyone loved him. He was my partner for some of the activities. After school we gave everyone hugs because we were going off track, that was a ton of fun too, Cody, Travis and me gave like five hugs each to this kid Kevin, but Kevin is awesome. Cody came over after school too. We had so much fun! Now today we are excited for a camp out out by Moab. It's gonna be so fun! Can't wait :)!! I'll right after I come back.

1010 (Sunday) (Sunday) I have had  a lot of fun things this week so I’ll start with the class store we had on Friday. Well it was really fun, I got my hair dyed my hair white but I wanted it pink but they ran out. I sold stuff with Dakotah, Travis, and Cody. We made a ton of money until someone stole all of mine. Then on Saturday we had a game, we won by 53 points! I kept getting tripped, and speaking of tripping Cooper my little brother got tripped and broke his arm. Anyway I got a ton of points in the 2nd half, also good assists. After the game Brenden (One of the basketball teams forwards) came over and we played basketball and all that. I got in trouble for not telling my mom where I was going (And I thought it was stupid) and I suffered the consequences. So that’s pretty much it.

1003 (Sunday) Well today I think there is another thing like “Friday the 13th,” it is Sunday the 3rd. So Livi dyed mine and Landon’s hair PURPLE!!!!! She made us sit in the bathroom for like an hour. At first it was black then I got home and it was purple, AGAIN!!! I was just mad cause I knew I would get made fun of at school. I hope when it’s gelled up it will be more blackish color. When I first saw mine Landon said “Get this crap out of my hair, NOW!!!!!!!” Landon and I were frickin out cause we knew Uncle Clay and dad would make fun of us and we were right. Landon suggested that we would be the “gay twins.” I do not want a new nickname cause that’s just gay. Ok tomorrow we will see if we get made fun of.

0926 (Sunday) I had a big day yesterday but not as much as Landon. Well at nine in the morning I had a basketball game, against my super league team!!!!! I thought it would be a big challenge but we won by like 40 points!!! I had a pretty good game myself and my mom even put videos of the game on facebook. Then I went to Andre’s birthday party, IT WAS SOOOOOOO FUN!!! They had a dunktank and a waterslide. We had hotdogs and an awesome cake that was really good! Most people were wimps and didn’t do the dunktank, so I had to go like a million times. Half the people didn’t show up to the party but most of my friends did. When most people left we did a game of football. Then I came home and was soooooo tired!! But I’m not going to mention what bad thing happened that day.

0918 (Saturday) I had a basketball game today, in fact the first one of the season. The score was 58 to 17!! We killed! I watched the other game after because it was my super league team playing Cole's team. Reggie's team won........... BY A LOT!!!!! Just kidding they won by 6 or something. It was nice seeing Reggie and Micheal again along with Hunter and Crosby. And my team plays them next week, it will be exciting!!! After the game everyone was gone I hated it. The Lavalle's are going camping AGAIN!!!! I hope they will be back Monday.

0816 (Tuesday) Yesterday was the first day of school! Our teacher is so awesome! Her name is Miss Jaeger. It was a good day but hard day at the same time. All my friends are in different classes ( At least most of them.) I sit next to Cody and Dakotah. After school today

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