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Daily Doings (Oct2011)

1031 (Monday) Happy Halloween. Landon wore the "chick magnet" to school, Callahan wore the jack-o-lantern shirt. I needed some groceries, and Macey's had advertised "trick-or-treating" through the store, so I had the little boys dress up (Keaton didn't want to go so I let him stay home) and we went. I deposited a check at the bank and we made the rounds. We stopped at Arctic Circle after for an ice cream cone and to let the kids play. 7800 was SO torn up around both locations. We had come the back way, I haven't been down 7800 in weeks. Got in cardio and weights, then it was time for carpools in the afternoon. Cooper had a scout party at 4:30, Colton came too (and I stayed). Gray was home really early. I had made roll dough and had some breadsticks and cinnamon rolls rising, and I hurried and stuck the lasagna in to bake. It was perfect trick-or-treating weather. Callahan hadn't planned on going, but when some friends were, he (and Keaton) joined them. Gray took the little ones, and Landon stayed home and helped pass out the candy. Maga stopped by. I made spiderweb cubcakes and did a belated "boo" to our neighbors.

1030 (Sunday) Sunday Circles ... I haven't been keeping the calories in check for the last few days. Weekends are always hard. It was really a pretty day out ... so nice in fact that Cooper didn't complain about church at all (VERY unusual). Colton and I walked to church. Primary was practicing for the program. I will be playing piano this year. Tacos for dinner. Gray and the older boys had a fireside. We had been given some halloween sugar cookies (the prebake ones) so that was the Sunday treat (the older boys were not impressed, they would have rather had the usual homemade oreos).

1029 (Saturday) Landon left early for an all day excursion to Logan for a state football game. The school rented a bus and it just cost $5 per student. Cooper was still very stressed about the party, enough that he was making himself sick. This was just something fun, something I wouldn't have even planned on except that HE seemed so excited for it. I had made arrangements and actually wanted him to go. It made me sad that he was too worried. It was overcast and gray out. So ... no party. I still went out, dropping Callahan off to watch a game at GF, picking up bread and stopping to see one of Keaton's friends to see if he might want to join their Junior Jazz team. Keaton did decide to switch from Steve's team to Klint's team. He really likes them both, so it was hard to choose. But Klint is playing 5th, whereas Steve is playing 6th, and for me, having C&K with the same coach should help with scheduling conflicts (not having those games/practices at the same time). I do wish more of the kids were 5th graders (several are 4th) that would be going to West Hills in the future, so that if that is where Keaton goes he would know some people. Anyway, we turned in the paperwork for C&K today, and I'll be signing up Cooper and Colton with friends (hope Cooper will play!) and keeping fingers crossed that there won't be too many conflicts. Gray cleaned the kitchen. While I do appreciate having a clean kitchen, it always makes me sad too (not the clean kitchen, just Grayson doing it). Maybe I was just down with the overcast skies, Cooper and PMS :(    Anyway, Maga wanted the little ones to come out for cookie making. Callahan had a game, but Gray took Colton, Keaton and a crying Cooper. Cooper stresses about going to Maga's, I think because it is fairly far and we tend to stay a while when we go. He had a pretty good meltdown but was fine once they were on their way. Gray kept me updated with pictures and video. Callahan's game went fine, playing Steve's 7th grade team. It was an easy win for our boys. I went to pick up Landon and Spencer returning home from the game (Herriman lost, not unexpected). Over at the church it was the annual Trunk-or-Treat. Callahan went early, dressed as a nerd for their room. I went a bit later with the two little boys. We didn't stay too long, just enough to visit the rooms and get some candy, playing a few of the games.

1028 (Friday) Had a low on the weigh-in ... see if I can keep it up and keep it going in the right direction. Still over where I want to be. Got in cardio during the day, should have done weights but ... carpool in the afternoon. Spencer was late, which makes me late picking up Callahan. So late in fact that I decided not to drop Landon off. Landon decided to hide in the back and scare Callahan, and he was quite successful! Gray had a derby. Keaton went with him. It was in Utah County, and it was an "adult" no rules type. They did 70 heats and so the poor guys didn't get home until quite late. Cooper started stressing about his party tomorrow ... I guess that isn't as much of a surprise as the fact that he wanted to go in the first place.

1027 (Thursday) Pretty quiet day at home. We really should get out. I have the pass to Jump N' Bounce, Groupons to Fun N' Motion, Chuck-e-Cheese and Planet Play ... it's just so easy to stay home ... got in cardio. I ran to the store, returned a DVD to Blockbuster and picked up some breads from Little Ceasers. Traffic was backed up at the railroad crossing ... a truck had pulled too far forward and the barrier arm had come down on it. From back where I was, it looked like the truck was actually stopped on the track, but he must have actually been ok, because the Trax trains did come (both directions), slowed, stopped, then inched forward to pass, then the arm went back up. I had the afternoon off carpool duty, but did have to take Cooper to counseling. I picked up Callahan from open gym, then took him and Keaton to basketball. I jogged the track, getting in over four miles to break 30k for the day.

1026 (Wednesday) Got in cardio and weights during the day. I picked up Landon's carpool, but Callahan was staying after school for open gym basketball. I did have to go grab him at 6:00. He was a little late coming out, so I went in and watched as they scrimmaged. I love watching him play :) Gray got off to the derby, his first one alone in a long time (he wanted the boys to go to the Court of Honor). I usually don't go, but with Gray gone ... and so I had to bring Colton and Cooper too. I did get a cute picture of the boys in their shirts (even Colton!).

1025 (Tuesday) Gray has a Court of Honor tomorrow ... except he accidentally scheduled a derby. He always makes a slideshow, with the pictures of the scouting activities. He asked if I would, so I did. I do enjoy making Muvees. Usually during off-track times, the boys do bowling, but I hadn't seen anything advertising it, and when I called, it seems it will not be offered. The boys were actually ok (Cooper hadn't fully committed to it anyway). It was an overcast and gloomy day. Carpool in the afternoon, then I drove Landon and friends back to the high school for a football game in the evening. One of the other mom's brought the kids home. It was late, after 10:30 ...

1024 (Monday) Off track for the Columbia Kids. Those three slept in. I still had to get up and get Callahan to school. Landon got off ok, with Spencer's mom driving, until Brayden returns to school. It does mean I pick up the afternoons I had off again, but that's ok. Got in some cardio and weights. Very quiet day at home with the boys. Keaton and Cooper and quite content at home, and Colton is fairly content with them around. Callahan was the hard one, always needing to be entertained. Carpools afterschool, then Callahan had basketball practice at the park. I went to Sam's Club in the evening ... it's actually very slow on a Monday night.

1023 (Sunday) Stake Conference ... Cooper was very stressed, he always seems to get especially stressed about things he doesn't want to do. I told him he wouldn't have to go. We did Sunday Circles, and I made oreos in the evening. Cooper and the kids slept out on the couch Fri/Sat ... which isn't necessarily newsworthy or even a good thing - but it is something that Cooper USED to want to do all the time, but then hasn't done in months. Not since the weather worries kicked in ...

1022 (Saturday) Callahan had a birthday party at 9:00, so I dropped him off. Keaton's game was at 10:00, they lost but kept it closer than I would have anticipated (facing a good team without Garrett, Max and Tanner). Callahan didn't get home until right before his game (4:00) ... the other team was no match for our boys. It's hard to play when there is such a discrepancy (it was 75-20). One ref was really mad at our coach and team (although I do think our boys did try to take it easy, but unless they just stopped trying completely ...).  The lights out front have been out for a bit, but they are almost impossible to replace the bulbs, as something inside has been stripped ... so Grayson decided to replace them, and the kitchen lights (with LEDs) and our bedroom light (which was horrible) ... let there be light!

1021 (Friday) Slept in again. Got in some cardio then made cookie press cookies, Keaton's favorite.Used the cute pumpkin shape. Gray had talked about going out to a movie, but then he got home late. I wasn't really surprised, or upset ... trying to keep the weight down, not going out probably saves me 2000+ calories. IF I could just control myself, I could have the best of both worlds, but ...

1020 (Thursday) Ah ... sleep in. Got in some cardio and weights. Made dough for cinnamon rolls and got them rising. DeFrancesco's were going to Jump N' Bounce, so we joined them there. Cooper didn't want to go, and as Landon was home to tend I let him stay home (this time). We grabbed some cheese sticks and cinna sticks at Dominos on the way home. C&K had basketball practice ... this was the first time I've actually taken them, as I've been booked the past several Thursdays. I jogged the track and it was good. Gray was busy prepping for a BBQ for work tomorrow.

1019 (Wednesday) Got the kids off to school then followed there shortly after. It's the last day before they go off track for a few weeks, so the Halloween parties and parade were today. I helped out with both Cooper and Keaton;s class parties. Colton's was at the same time as Cooper, and Colton came with me to Keatons, but by the end he was ready to go, even with little friends Mara and Reagan there. Carpools after school. One of the kids in our high school carpool broke his hip today! That seems to be more associated with the elderly (grandma broke hers twice this year). Callahan stayed after school for basketball and did receive some interest from the coach, but he's still young for the team (the team is usually 9th graders with a couple talented 8th graders). But still fun to be noticed. Gray had a derby and Landon went to help.

1018 (Tuesday) Lots of sessions on the elliptical today. Went into the school to volunteer in Cooper's class, and bring home the kindergarten carpool. Carpools in the afternoon too, then I drove Callahan to basketball (open gym at the school) and he got a ride home. Made some sugar cookies (pumpkin shape for Halloween) ...ummmm, candy corn ...

1017 (Monday) Back to the school routine ... for a bit anyway, the kids will be off Thurs/Fri for Fall Recess, then the elementary kids are off-track for a few weeks. Grocery shopping, cardio and weights, then to the school, where the younger kids were receiving awards for honor roll. It was at the same time as carpool for the older kids, so I had to make arrangements there. Callahan went home with a friend then to basketball. I picked him up in the evening. Family game night with chocolate malts after.

1016 (Sunday) Cooper always seems to have a harder time on Sundays. He was crying a lot today. I gave him a BabyV. He has been doing better with the BabyP pills, putting them in the drink then swallowing. I walked to church, a little late as the dishes and laundry were calling. After church, we went out to Clay and Courtney's for a birthday celebration (Addie and Will this month). Cooper cried again about going, but then once we were there, he ran outside to play without a problem.

1015 (Saturday) Quiet morning with just one kid, although there were still some friends over last night and today. Keaton's game was at 12:00, and they didn't make it back in time. They got back around 2:00, in plenty of time for Callahan's 4:00 game. They had a good game and won. Reggie came to watch for a bit, trying to scout a couple new players for the Superleague team. I made homemade oreos in the evening, then Gray and I watched a DVD (State of Play) and had some of his popcorn.

1014 (Friday) Late start, early out ... carpool afternoon. Did the Arctic Circle pickup again, it's a little busier on Fridays because it's earlier. Dropped the little ones home, then picked up high school then middle school. A solid hour and a half in the car. Gray and four of the boys were leaving on a scout/fathers&sons campout. Cooper was invited but of course didn't dare go. So there was some last minute packing. I had told Colton to pack some extra socks and underwear ... he put in seven underwear and eight pairs of socks! I added a outfit, sweatshirt, etc. The boys got off and it was a quiet evening for Cooper and me. I had considered going out with just him, but on a Friday night ... we just stayed home. I got in some more cardio and did weights.

1013 (Thursday) Another nice day. Got cardio in during the day, laundry ... not really feeling super productive but I can't see that I'm just wasting time either. The pickup at Arctic Circle went well, of course there are just a few days left before the kids go off track and the weather and construction could change by the time they go back. We went straight to Cooper's counseling. I brought Colton in his soccer gear, and we went straight to the game after (with a quick detour to Wendys for some food). The game went fine, our team lost but Colton did get a couple goals. I had volleyball in the evening, but I hadn't fully committed to going. It was region, which isn't as fun as just our fun get togethers. Instead of not having enough people, there are usually more than enough, so you don't end up playing the full time anyway. Also it was quite late, I'd had a full day, and I was afraid I wouldn't see Gray at all if I went, so it was a fairly quiet evening at home. I actually beat Gray home (pulling in after 7:30). Callahan and Keaton had basketball practice, but I had arranged a ride for them, I'm glad Callahan's coach has been willing to swing by and pick them up, as I've been completely booked these past few weeks. I'm actually looking forward to taking them myself and maybe getting some jogging in ...

1012 (Wednesday) Nice weather day :) cardio, weights and some sun. Playdate after kindergarten. Carpools ... it was SO bad at Columbia. The construction is everywhere. The road in front of the school on 7800 is totally torn up. I couldn't even get in the back way my usual route, but had to circle around. There was NO parking, I circled twice hoping that someone would be leaving, but the kids spotted me and ran to meet me down the road. I was so frustrated with the situation, I contacted the other parents to see if they would be ok with the kids walking down to Arctic Circle, so I think we'll try that tomorrow. That wasn't the only frustration of the day, the three older boys had an altercation, which had me sending them all to their rooms. Gray left for a derby, taking Landon. I headed back to the school for PT conferences. They encourage bringing the children, I don't really know why though. It's always hard to entertain them. I left them home today, as I really wanted to talk to Cooper's teacher without him being there to overhear. All the kids got glowing reviews. I came home and was going to take Callahan to the school for open gym, but he was nowhere to be found. I discovered he had hitched a ride with a friend. I went to pick him up ... almost hit a family of deer on the way! It's not really deer locale... dropped the friend home, and was pleased to find he isn't too far away, so there are some carpool possibilities there.

1011 (Tuesday) I told Cooper I'd come volunteer in his class today, I think that calmed him down some. I went in from around 11:00 until kindergarten got out (11:48) and then I brought home the kindergarten carpool. Colton was invited to play at Randon's, but he wanted to come home. He's been more of a homebody lately too. We ran to Walmart for a few things. Cooper didn't have his scouts, but Keaton had one last session with Brother Hill to finish up stuff for his Arrow of Light, which he'll get at the next Pack Meeting. Spaghetti for dinner. Gray went out to check out a former neighbor's house being built.

1010 (Monday) Cooper cried and cried before school :( It was still overcast and cloudy. I had been hoping for better weather this week. I got in cardio and weights. Carpools in the afternoon. Callahan had basketball practice in the evening. I stopped by Smiths on the way home, grabbing a few groceries and the new pill prescription. Chicken pillows for dinner.

1009 (Sunday) Cooper was anxious about church, I gave him a BabyV but didn't see any marked difference. I'll need to call and change the BabyP prescription, as Cooper hates the taste of the liquid SO much. If he is going to have to take it everyday, I guess we should work on getting him to be able to swallow a pill. Church went fine, it was actually nice enough that I walked to and from. Gray made BBQ dinner, chicken, steak and mashed taters. Yummy! And we're back in the Otis business, as Gray made a run to Costco yesterday.

1008 (Saturday) Still cloudy and cold, but the weather forecast is looking up. We had overlapping games in the morning, so Gray took Colton to his soccer game and I took Keaton to his basketball. Keaton won, but Colton's team lost in another disappointing shutout. Keaton and I stopped for donuts on the way home. .. and I ate donuts ... Callahan and awakened in pain today, enough that he was in tears! Nothing had happened, maybe just slept wrong? The pain was in his shoulder then moved to his neck. I gave him some medication and a heating pad and he rested all day until his game. He was still sore, but able to play. It was an easy team to beat too, so he didn't have to be at 100%.  Gray and I got our date today, a movie "50/50" which was good ... too much popcorn and treats though. Baaaaaaad eating day.

1007 (Friday) Another overcast day. I didn't give Cooper any medication, I think after so many days of constant clouds he has to have some desensitization. Landon and Callahan had the day off of school. I ended up driving the kids and staying and volunteering in Cooper's class. While he didn't seem overly upset about the weather, he seemed sad and solitary. Before school, he just stood all alone, and when the class gathered on the rug for storytime he was away from the group in a corner ... it made me sad. I think I'll try volunteering once a week, just to keep an eye on how he is in the classroom, and we'll start the BabyP medication too. I stopped at Walmart on the way home, and the kids were home soon, as it was early out. Gray and I had a movie date planned, but he was running late. It worked out well for Landon, because then I was able to drive him and Patrick out to Herriman for the football game. Brrrrrr! But they won, so Landon was happy.

1006 (Thursday) Drizzly morning. I gave Cooper one of the BabyV pills ... and I don't know if it is medical magic or the power of persuasion, but he was just fine all morning! I rested easier during the day too, not worrying as much. It was so cold and wet, I didn't know if Colton's soccer game would happen, so I didn't take him with me as I went to pick up the kids and take Cooper to counseling. Cooper was quite apprehensive again, he doesn't want to have to "talk", but he did fine. Despite the cold, Colton's soccer game was on, but I wouldn't be able to get home and get him there in time, so brother's got him ready and Uncle Clay picked him up. I dropped Cooper home, arranged for Callahan and Keaton to get picked up for their basketball practice. Gray and Landon were gone to a derby, so I asked Travis to stick around from 6:56-7:15 with Cooper, and I went to Colton's soccer game, which was pretty miserable. It was so cold, and the other team just dominated. It was like 12-0.

1005 (Wednesday) Another rough morning for Cooper. I actually had an appointment scheduled with the pediatrician at 9:00, so I got the other boys off to school and then we were off.  He stopped crying once we got into the car. We got two prescriptions, basically for kid Prozac and Valium. The Valium can be used as needed for immediate relief, the Prozac can take weeks to kick in. But if we can get through the next couple days (still stormy Thurs/Fri) then the weather should improve, then it's a short week (with a Halloween party) and then off-track. So that will give us some time. I took Cooper to school and he didn't complain, went straight to class. It started raining and rained the ENTIRE day. I was pretty stressed out at home wondering how he was doing, anxious to pick him up (as it was raining for pickup) but he was ok! He hadn't even gone to the office. I had stopped at the store on the way home from picking up Callahan and got the prescriptions. I had also been successful in getting more Ambien for Gray (I just tried having the pharmacy request it from the doctor and he ok'd it). It was Callahan's PT Conference, he's doing perfect. Home again and the older boys and Grayson went to scouts, which was dodgeball, a favorite for all.

1004 (Tuesday) The weather looked worse this morning, but Cooper actually seemed to do a bit better. While there was rain in the forecast, the sun actually managed to shine through. I decided to take Colton and run to Sam'sClub, right as we went to leave, the storm hit! And it was quite the storm! I should have just waited it out ... I did wait about five minutes or so before leaving Colton with a neighbor there at the store entrance and running to get the car. I had left the windows cracked, and both front seats were soaked, which really didn't matter, as so was I. I had to change clothes completely when I got home. I expected a call from Cooper, but it didn't come. The storm was over pretty quickly though, and then blue skies and sunshine returned. Cooper went to scouts after school. Gray had a derby, Keaton went with him to help. Callahan had a basketball thing at the middle school, and Landon had Parent/Teacher conferences. I got Bailey to tend the little boys.

1003 (Monday) Very difficult morning with Cooper, who was crying from the moment he woke up. The weather forecast is not good, but the morning sky wasn't bad. Some clouds, but lots of blue. I took him for a walk around the block, he cried (loudly) the entire time. I put him into the carpool crying, but Christy said he stopped as soon as they drove off, and I didn't hear from him. But it actually turned out to be a nice day. I even got some sun. Many sessions on the elliptical. Carpool afternoon, then basketball practice for Callahan. I stopped at Smiths on the way home to grab a few groceries and my prescription. Gray and the boys were heading out to In and Out Burger ... Cooper came home shrieking, as the wind was kicking up.

1002 (Sunday) General Conference, so no official church meetings. I made Sunday Circles, then it was time to go up to Maga's. Cooper didn't want to go so far from home with cloudy skies, so I stayed home with him and it was a very quiet afternoon. I even got a nap. It was so delicious!

1001 (Saturday) Cooper had a soccer game. I'm never sure whether to force him to go or not. It was the last game of the Fall season, and I didn't have a conflict with other games, so I decided to make him give it a try. He cried and moaned, but when we got there, he was ok and seemed to have fun. Not quite as good as a few weeks ago, but he did even admit he was glad I had "encouraged" him to go. He got two goals too. Colton's game was right after. I had time to quickly run Cooper home, but he actually said he wanted to go, which was surprising, but good. He enjoys playing with Will. Clay was off running the marathon in St. George, so he had asked me to substitute as coach. I didn't really feel like I knew these kids (knew their names) but it went well. Maga was there too, which was good, as Colton got a ball in the face, and with me on the field, it was good there was someone on the sidelines to offer comfort. Colton got two goals and our team won. Keaton's game was at 2:00, it was a pretty easy win. Grayson ran some photos back to my parents (we had taken them well over a year ago to get them scanned in and hadn't gotten around to it. Wendy is now taking over the project.) He and the two older boys went to the priesthood session, Callahan had to skip out a bit early to get to his basketball game at 8:00. It was against a good team (one that creamed us in summer) but our boys pulled out the win this time.

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