Sunday, October 31, 2010

Daily Doings (Oct2010)

In reverse order ... 
so start at the bottom and read up if you want it chronological *Ü*

1031 (Sunday) Sunday Circles for breakfast, then church. After church Mom tried to get a family picture taken ... the boys are NOT very cooperative (even Daddy!) Mom made more cupcakes to take to Maga's. Maga wasn't feeling well though, so we didn't see her all night.

1030 (Saturday) Cool and rainy. Dad help James Beckstead build a derby car in the morning then went running some errands. Cooper fell off a chair and hit his head on a table, leaving a cut by his eye. Mom wasn't sure if it needed more than just a bandaid, so she ran him into the Instacare just to be safe. He didn't need stitches, so that was good. He has little steri-strips by his eye. When it was time to go trick-or-treating, the rain was really coming down. The boys went out to a few houses, just around the neighborhood and called it good. Callahan and friends went further. Landon hung out with his friends until late.

1029 (Friday) French Toast Friday ... yum. Jack-O-Landon went to school (wearing his orange shirt). There was a dance for the 9th graders during the day, he changed into his "chick magnet" costume and got a lot of attention. Mom ran to the store and then to Blockbuster. Returned "How to Train Your Dragon" and "SuperMarioBros" and picked up "HaloReach" and "The Spy Next Door". The Wii downstairs has been acting up, not playing some of the favorite games, so we switched the upstairs and downstairs Wiis (we pretty much just use the upstairs one to watch Netflix). Mom made cupcakes for the Halloween party at the church tonight, white chocolate spiderweb toppers and cupcakes on a stick. Dad dressed up like a cowboy and bought an Indian outfit for Landon for their themed room. We went to the church and got treats and played some games.

1028 (Thursday) Colton had his preschool Halloween party, he wore his ninja costume. He went home with Jeffrey again today. The boys had bowling, it was crowded today as a whole bunch of kids from high school were there. Ryland and Ridley came over after bowling and stayed until their parents got home, then all the boys went over to their house to play for a while. Mom had volleyball in the evening until really late.

1027 (Wednesday) Snow again this morning. For the first time, the kids put on PANTS ... and boots and gloves and coats. They made a snowman outside. We packed up and went to Grandma and Grandpa's house. The boys stayed and played hide-and-seek while Mom and Grandma (and Danielle and Ani) went out to lunch at Red Robin. Back at home, the kids pulled out costumes. Cooper got dressed up as Bumblebee from Transformers (Keaton's costume from last year) and Colton got a ninja outfit on. Jacob was Ironman and they were running around outside (it had warmed up, the snow and snowman melted). Tyler joined the carpool for the ride home which makes the car pretty packed! Dad had a derby and both Landon and Callahan went to help. It was Clay's ward, so Clay's family came over to watch and race during the fun races. Will squealed like a girl.

1026 (Tuesday) Colton had preschool and then went over to Jeffrey's house until Mom got back with the boys after bowling. Ryland won 1000 tickets in the arcade today ... as Mom came in to pick the boys up she found him standing in a PILE of tickets.

1025 (Monday) Woke to snow. Callahan went and hung out at his friend Cody's house. In the evening, we went to Mountain Mike's for dinner. We had to go to a new one, as the one we usually go to has closed down :(  This new one didn't have as much space, or a pool or air hockey table. Mom got the HUGE pizza and there was a lot left over. There was a guy making balloon creations. Colton got a snake, Keaton a fish from a pole, Cooper Spiderman, Callahan alien and Landon eyeball.

1024 (Sunday) Sunday circles ... before AND after church (Colton wanted MORE waffles). Dad got home from his bike trip safe ... and tired. We all went out to Clay and Courtney's house for a birthday celebration (Addie and Will). There were homemade donuts, cupcakes and cookies, and of course ice cream. It was a cold and rainy day, so we turned on the heat for the first time (it smells!) ... bad storm in the night, very noisy, kept Mom and Dad awake.

L: 1,3,3,4,2,2,4  Total:19, Average: 2.7 Allowance: $3
C: 2,4,5,5,3,4,5 Total: 28, Average: 4    Allowance $4
K: 1,2,3,3,2,0,3 Total: 14, Average: 2 Allowance $2
Cooper: 45 Total   Colton: 28 Total

1023 (Saturday) Callahan's basketball game wasn't until 5:00, which was MUCH too late in the day for him to have to wait for! He did have white board practice at 2:00. Mom went to the library after dropping him off, then picked up some white sauce pizza from Dominos. The basketball game was a challenge, pretty close the whole game. One kid (Tanner) was missing, so Callahan got some extra playing time, he took one bad fall. Our team was a little ahead near the end, but the other team got in a couple of three-point shots to tie the game. It was a good game though!

1022 (Friday) With Landon's late start, Mom made Friday French toast for breakfast.  In the evening, Callahan and Keaton went next door to Bailey's birthday party. Lots of noisy kids ended up in OUR yard for a while. They stayed until 10:00!

1021 (Thursday) Daddy left for Moab for Grandma Henry's funeral. He'll then stay for some biking with friends (which had been planned a while back). Landon and Colton had school, and the other boys had bowling. Friends came to play after, but had to leave when it was time to pick up Landon from school. Callahan's basketball practice ended up being cancelled, leaving the evening free for toasted cheese sandwiches.  Landon: School, HW, Read  Callahan: Dishwasher, BBDrills, Read  Keaton: Bedroom, Read

1020 (Wednesday) Callahan had an ortho appointment in the morning. Mom left Keaton tending the little boys. The boys were a bit bored today as not many friends were around ... Mom wishes we had traditional school instead of these off-track breaks throughout the year. In the evening, Keaton went to a derby with Dady, Callahan had scouts and Landon had young mens ... the little boys had much needed baths!  Landon: School, HW, Yard Cleanup, YMs  Callahan: Ortho, Garbages, Scouts, Read, Journal  Keaton: BR. Tend, Derby

1019 (Tuesday) Colton had preschool and the bigger boys went to bowling, as they usually do for off-track. Cooper actually was going to pass this session, with his broken arm, but then Ryland and Ridley decided to sign up (we have room in the car to take them) and then of course Cooper wanted to if Ridley was there. Besides the five boys I drop off, there are only two other kids. The arcade section of the bowling alley was completely redone. It's now almost twice the size with lots of new games. Instead of tokens, the kids are issued "CreditCards" which you load to be used to start the games, and they also track the tickets the kids win. The boys thought it was all pretty cool, and Cooper did fine with his cast (and bumpers). Mom had to pick up Colton late from preschool, as both preschool and bowling get out at 12:00. Callahan had basketball practice at 5:00. Mom grabbed some Dominos for dinner before taking him. Keaton had pack meeting in the evening, Dad took him.  Landon: School, HW, Read  Callahan: Laundry, DW, Malt, Read to Boys, Read  Keaton: BR, Laundry, Scouts

1018 (Monday) The elementary kids are off-track ... but they were all up uber early ... they beat Dad (who slept in a little). Landon still had school, and Mom took Cooper in for a follow-up xray in the morning (everything is looking good). Callahan is already bored being off-track (not enough friends around), Colton loves having his brothers home though. We had Addie and Will over for a little bit today. Mom has to remember to still pick up Landon from school! Landon: School, HW, Malt  Callahan: Tend, Little Fridge, Garbages, Read  Keaton: Bedroom, Dishwasher

1017 (Sunday) The boys got back in the mid-afternoon. They brought lots of sand and stickers with them. Time to unpack and do some laundry!  Landon: Journal Callahan: Read, Journal

Landon: 4,2,2,1,1,1  Allowance $1
Callahan: 5,3,5,4,4,3  Allowance $4
Keaton: 3,3,3,3,1,1 Allowance $2
Cooper: 6,5,6,6,4,5,7  Total: 39

1016 (Saturday) Mom and Cooper went out to Grandma and Grandpa's house. The cousins (Chris's kids) were there for Cooper to play with. Mom and Grandpa played a little tennis, then Mom and Grandma went out to lunch. Later in the day Mom and Cooper went to the library. Cooper misses his brothers!

1015 (Friday) The morning was spent getting ready for Daddy and the boys to leave on their camping trip. They got off around 11:30. Cooper and Mom went to the store, then went to Subzero. Dominos for dinner. Landon: Callahan: Journal, Read, Dishwasher  Keaton: Dishwasher

1014 (Thursday) I felt like a Saturday with the boys out of school for Fall recess. Mom almost forgot to put the garbages out. Colton was invited to go to the zoo with a friend and he was gone all day. Callahan and Cooper went to Ryland and Ridley's house, and Mom went and got a pedicure and a haircut. In the evening, Keaton had scouts and Callahan had basketball practice. Dad brought home a new tent and set it up in the backyard. Packing for the camping trip tomorrow.  Landon: Flies Callahan: Journal, Basement, BG, Read Keaton: Dishwasher

1013 (Wednesday) The boys got off to school, then Mom and Colton stopped at the store for some dry ice and then went to the school. Keaton met Mom in the parking lot and helped carry the stuff and showed her where his class was. Lots of parents had said they would come help, but only about half showed up. But that was ok, because it was still enough parents to have one at each station. There were six stations ... Pictureka, Make a Mummy (with TP), Cup Crash, Spider Drop, Candy Corn Toss and Bag Decorating. After everyone had gone through each center, the kids passed out candy, had donuts and a drink (there was fruit punch with dry ice). After Keaton's party, Mom and Colton went to Callahan's class and did it all again. The kids said good-bye to their friends because they go off track and won't be back for several weeks. When we got home, Mom realized we had left Colton's busy bag (with the DS in it) at the school, so she and Keaton went back to get it. Cooper's teacher caught Mom in the hall and told her that Cooper had done really well on a test (100%) ... that he was the ONLY kid who did. Back at home there were LOTS of friends over (Callahan's friend Cody had come home with us). Then the three youngest went to friends houses and it calmed down a little. Callahan didn't have scouts and Landon went to a football game at WJ High School.  Landon: School   Callahan: School, Bedroom, Garbages, Read   Keaton: School, Bedroom, Shower

1012 (Tuesday) Colton didn't have preschool again, but the little boy next door also didn't, so Colton had a friend to play with. Mom and Colton also went to the store because we were out of bread. Mom worked on some Halloween party stuff, making calls and craft bags. In the evening, Callahan had basketball practice at the park and Landon made Skookie with friends and then rode the tandem bike (I don't know that we'd gotten it out ALL summer!)  Landon: School, Homework   Callahan: School, Homework, Laundry, Shower, Read    Keaton: School, Dishwasher, Tend

1011 (Monday) Mom sent Cooper to school today for a couple of hours, then checked him out for his doctor's appointment. It was the usual playdate with Addie, so we picked her up from preschool and dropped Colton there and then went to the Riverton Hospital. Cooper got a red "long-arm" cast, which means it's big and bulky, above the elbow to his bicep. After about four weeks in it, maybe they'll be able to cut it down to a smaller one (below the elbow). We picked up Colton and grabbed some lunch at Wendys. Landon was the first one to sign Cooper's cast, but he had several signatures by the end of the day. The boys had flag duty. Dad picked up Dominos for a quick dinner before they left, then took them for Kong Cones at Maceys after.  Landon: School, Flags  Callahan: Dishwasher, School, Read (Finished PJ#2), Keaton: Bedroom, School, Shower

1010 (Sunday) 10-10-10 today ... late start and being Fast Sunday, Mom didn't make breakfast before church, but waited until after. Landon: Church, Journal, Laundry  Callahan: Dishwasher, Church, Journal, Weights, Read   Keaton: Church, Garbages, Read

Landon: 3,3,3,5,3,3,1 Total 21  Allowance $3
Callahan: 3,5,5,6,6,3,5 Total 33 Allowance $5
Keaon: 2,4,4,3,3,3,2,Total: 21 Allowance $3

1009 (Saturday) It was a cool morning ... Cooper's last soccer game, of course with his broken arm he couldn't play. Maga hadn't thought of that and showed up to the game. She and Rex came over to the house to say hi. Mom and Dad went shopping at Sam's Club (Mom had to go, because Dad hasn't gotten a new card after losing his wallet). Callahan's basketball game was at 1:00, they won easily. Brendan (Callahan's friend) game home after, then Mom dropped him home and went to the library and the store. Dad made a wonderful dinner of steak, chicken, mashed potatoes and rolls. Landon: Bathroom  Callahan: Garbages X2, Dishwasher, Little Fridge, Read   Keaton: Laundry, Read

1008 (Friday) French Toast Friday ... yummy breakfast. Mom and Colton went to the party store looking for Halloween party things. In the evening, we had some neighbors come over and run through some of the games. Then Mom, Dad and Colton went downtown to an Upstart training, getting a computer hard drive with a preschool program for Colton. Callahan had basketball practice and Landon tended brothers.  Landon: School, Basement, Tend  Callahan: School, BB Drills, Read  Keaton: Dishwasher, School, Shower

1007 (Thursday) Colton didn't have preschool today as his teacher had a conflict (family member in the hospital) but still went to his playdate at Randon's house. Bryce went and played there too, and Mom gave him a ride home when she went to pick up Landon from school. Cooper went to school today and did fine with his broken arm. In the evening, Keaton had scouts and Callahan had basketball practice. Mom walked the park during the practice then went to volleyball. Landon: School, HW, Tend  Callahan: Garbages, School, HW, BB Drills, Tend, Read  Keaton: Dishwasher, School, Scouts, Shower

1006 (Wednesday) Mom let Cooper stay home from school today to see how he would do (eating, going to the bathroom, any pain). They ended up going out to lunch at Golden Corral, Cooper's favorite! The appointment to get the cast is on Monday. In the evening, Landon and Callahan had scouts ... played a little dodge ball. Daddy was late getting home and didn't make it. Rainy day ... but Mom did get the lawn mowed (the front anyway) during a short sunshine break.  Landon: School, HW, Garbages, YMs, Malt  Callahan: Weights, DW, School, HW, Scouts, Read  Keaton: School, HW, Yard Cleanup

1005 (Tuesday) Mom drove Colton to preschool today and right after she dropped him off she got a call from the elementary school that Cooper had fallen and hurt his arm. Mom went to check it out and ended up bringing him home. He didn't use the arm much, but didn't complain a lot either. After preschool got out, Randon, Bryce and Bradley came over to play with Colton. Cooper chose to stay home while Mom went to pick up Landon, then he stayed with Landon for the Columbia carpool. Callahan had basketball practice at 5:00, Mom dropped him off the took Cooper into the KidsCare for an xray ... his arm IS broken. Landon and Dad worked all night on a rocket for Landon's technology class.  Landon: School, HW, Tend  Callahan: Bedroom, School, HW, Malt, Read   Keaton: Bedroom, Dishwasher, School, Homework

1004 (Monday) Colton was a bit bored in the morning, just laying around. It was cool and rainy, but during a break when the sun was out, Mom and Colton put out the pumpkins and fall decor and tore out the dead flowers. Addie came over for a playdate after her preschool. There were lots of friends over after the older kids got out of school too. Dad bbqed the roast for dinner.  Landon: School, HW, Journal    Callahan: Dishwasher, School, HW, Little Fridge, Read     Keaton: Bedroom, School, HW

1003 (Sunday) General Conference. We did our usual Sunday Circle for breakfast then went up to Maga's for most of the day. Dad took Mom, Maga, Clay, Keaton and Cooper to go see the houses he is building. Mom made homemade oreos, yum!  Landon: Journal, Laundry  Callahan: Journal, Garbages, Read  Keaton: Bedroom, Dishwasher

Landon: 4,3,2,3,4,5,2 Total 23  Average 3.3 Allowance $3
Callahan: 5,6,5,4,6,4,3 Total 33 Average 4.7 Allowance $5
Keaton: 3,4,3,4,4,1,0 Total 19 Average 2.7 Allowance $3  

1002 (Saturday) Cooper had a 9:00 soccer game, Callahan had a 3:00 basketball game. Iron Man 2 came from Netflix today, so Landon watched that during the day. The two little boys played at Shaw's for much of the day. Callahan went home with a friend after his game. Mom went to the store and library. Dad and Landon went to priesthood. We did Dominos for dinner.  Landon: Kitchen Sink, Church   Callahan: Basement x2, Read  Keaton: big ZERO ....

1001 (Friday) Landon had the day off for teacher prep day, so Mom took advantage of him being home to tend Colton to go out and run some errands. Early out for the Columbia kids, and many friends were over after school. Mom and Dad went to a movie in the evening.  Landon: Tend, Journal, Wii Battery, Weights, Tend   Callahan: Dishwasher, School, Laundry, Read  Keaton: School

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