Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Daily Doings (Nov2010)

In Reverse Order ...
Start at the bottom and read UP if you want it chronologically *Ü*

1130 (Tuesday) Last day of November. Colton had preschool and Mom ran to Walmart and the bank. Bryce and Randon came over for a playdate. Keaton had a friend (and sister) who came home with him after school. Daddy worked very late, but still went out and got the Christmas tree when he did finally get home.

1129 (Monday) Cooper had a doctor appointment at 9:00 to get his cast off. The doctor still wants him to wear a brace for a few weeks. He can take it off for school (writing), sleeping and baths. Colton went to Addie's for a playdate and they had fun in the snow. Callahan had basketball practice right after school, and then another practice after the first one. They got their jerseys. Jazz had another game, they won.

1128 (Sunday) Sunday Circles, church ... Landon gave the lesson in young mens. There was a Jazz game going on in the afternoon, so Cooper was anxious to get home to watch it (Jazz won). Mom made coconut goodies and snicker-doodles. It didn't stop snowing the entire day.

Landon: $2 (two songs)
Callahan: $4 allowance + book buck (Sent)
Keaton: $2
Cooper $1 (31)

1127 (Saturday) No games today. Dad took some of the boys to Kneaders for breakfast, then he went snowshoeing up the mountains. It was the big Utah vrs BYU football game today. C&K went over to Lavalee's to watch it, Landon and Cooper watched on the computer. BYU was ahead to start, but the U came back right at the end to win. In the evening Mom & Dad went to a show with Maga & Co.

1126 (Friday) Dad went into work for half a day. It was pretty mellow at the house, no crazy Black Friday shopping here ... Mom didn't even look at the ads. Some clean up from all the cooking, putting away the autumn decor (which was covered in snow) and getting out some Christmas stuff. Mom did some rearranging of the kids closets, getting the shorts away and moving the long sleeve shirts into easy access points. Callahan had basketball practice in the late afternoon. Mom and Dad had a quick date. The Jazz played the Lakers and won!

1125 (Thursday) Thanksgiving. Mom got rolls rising first thing. We headed out to Maga's a little after noon. Dinner wasn't until 2:00, but Dad wanted to deep fry the turkey there. C&C were a little late, so we didn't eat until closer to 2:30. Yummy Thanksgiving feast.

1124 (Wednesday) Yesterday's storm definitely did NOT live up to the hype. The kids had been hoping for school to be cancelled, but it was not, although it was early out for the elementary kids. No scouts today as it is family week. Jazz game in the evening ... Jazz won!

1123 (Tuesday) Colton had preschool but didn't have a playdate after as Randon was a little under the weather. It was ok though, as Bradley was around to keep Colton entertained. Mom made cookie press pumpkins, sugar cookies and jello in preparation for Thanksgiving.  Colton and Mom stopped at Blockbuster and exchanged a DVD and went next door for some crazy bread before picking up Landon. There was a big blizzard rolling in and everyone seemed to be freaking out about it, saying it was going to be such a big storm. It did finally hit around 5:30, there were some white out conditions, but it really wasn't bad.

1122 (Monday) Short school week for the boys. Mom and Colton ran to Winco, the first time shopping there. It's further away but they had some good free coupon specials. Addie came over for a playdate in the afternoon. Mom left early to save a spot at the elementary school to try to get Callahan home quick for his basketball practice (but his ride still beat us). Daddy and the two older boys went to bed early, but Cooper and Mom stayed up to watch the Jazz game, they won.

1121 (Sunday) Lots of snow had fallen. Dad couldn't get the snowblower to start so we had to shovel the driveway. The snow was wet and heavy. Even though it was a Sunday morning, the kids were all outside playing. We did come in for our weekly Sunday Circles. Dad went to a homecoming while the rest of us went to our regular meetings. After church Dad and Landon had a fireside. Mom made "turkey" sugar cookies.

Landon:18/$2  Callahan: 24//$4  Keaton: 23/$3
Cooper: 38   Colton: 31
Landon: Book Buck for PercyJackson#4
Callahan: Book Buck for "Found"

1120 (Saturday) Dad and Mom went out for a quick breakfast at Kneaders ... their french toast is basically a cinnamon roll. Dad will have to take the boys there and see what they think. Callahan had a white board practice and then went home with Mason until his game later in the day. Grandpa and Dad came to watch the game (Mom jogged the track as usual). Callahan had a really good game (at least two three pointers, several other baskets and assists) and they won by nine. 1st place again! Mom signed Cooper up for Junior Jazz, the deadline had actually been last week. Cooper hadn't been interested then, but had suddenly started playing a lot of basketball in the past week and did want to sign up. Mom is glad they accepted late registrations. Dad had been given a gift certificate to Texas Roadhouse, so we all went out to eat. It was yummy. It had been a weird windy day and it finally blew in quite a snow storm! Mom was glad Dad was driving. Landon took off to a friend's house for cookies and the Jazz game. Mom and the other boys watched the game on the computer. The Jazz won!

1119 (Friday) Happy Birthday Daddy! He left for work early as usual, but came home early as we'd ben asked to bring in the chocolate fountain for Keaton's class. It was the first fountain flop ... the chocolate just would not flow. But the kids still dipped away. Mom ran Callahan to Reggie's basketball practice from 4:00-5:15 and just stayed and walked the church gym while the boys played. Mom and Dad were planning on a movie, but went out to Apollo Burger instead.

1118 (Thursday) Colton had preschool and then a playdate. The Columbia kids had Parent/Teacher Conferences after school. They are all doing well, although Keaton needs to do better on homework and reading. Callahan had basketball practice in the evening, Mom jogged the track.

1117 (Wednesday) Callahan had an early orthodontist appointment, so he was a little late to school (but only about 15 minutes). Mom needed to run an errand at The District, so Colton went to play at Bryce's house for a bit. Mom got a call from Keaton at school saying he had fallen and hurt his head. Colton wasn't ready to leave his friend's house and they said he could stay. When Mom got to the school, Keaton did have a bruised bump by his eye, but Mom felt he would be fine. She did check him out and let him come home to rest. In the evening, Dad, Landon and Callahan had scouts. Cooper watched the Jazz game, they won.

1116 (Tuesday) Cooper wasn't feeling well, but he did get off to school. Colton had preschool and then we had Randon over for a playdate. Keaton brought his friend Oakley home from school to play at our house too. In the evening, it was Pack Meeting for Keaton and Daddy. Mom ran to the library and picked up a pizza from Dominos.

1115 (Monday) Landon hadn't been feeling well yesterday and didn't go to school today. Mom had to cancel the playdate with Addie, but Colton played with Landon and with Bradley. Callahan has basketball practice right after school. Mom had the kids run across the bridge to try and get home faster, but Callahan's ride was there waiting when we got home from school. Mom had all his stuff ready (including some food) and he was off. Mom picked him up at 6:00 and dropped him and Cody off at another basketball practice until 8:00. Callahan was pretty pooped when he got home. He, Landon and Daddy were to bed early, but Cooper wanted to watch the Jazz game ... they lost :(

1114 (Sunday) Primary program today. Maga and Co came out to see the boys, they all did great. After church Dad and Landon did some home teaching and Mom made roll dough ... dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls. Dad barbecued a roast and made mashed potatoes. Everyone ate too much. The older boys introduced the younger ones to Napoleon Dynamite.

Landon $5, Callahan $4, Keaton $3

1113 (Saturday) Callahan had a basketball game at 1:00 against Cole's team. We went a little early to see the end of the game before, a nailbiter between Reggie's team and Michelle's team. Michelle's team won by one. Landon came too, to watch the ref calls and fill out some paperwork for his ref job. This year there was more paperwork, Mom had to sign some stuff too and it took a little bit after the game (Callahan's team won of course). Landon, Callahan and Keaton pooled their money to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops and Landon and Mom picked it up at Sam's Club in the morning. Landon was so excited to play it when he got home from the basketball game, but there was an altercation and Dad ended up taking it away for a while :(  the boys finally did get it back later and spent the evening playing.

1112 (Friday) French Toast Friday. Landon was playing Mario Kart with Colton before he left for school, Colton was very sad when he left. There weren't a lot of friends around, so Colton was bored. He and Mom ran to the store and pretty soon it was time to pick up brothers (early out). Keaton went over to a friend's house to play (Oakley's) and Mom picked him up later. Mom grabbed Dominos for dinner. Shane and Alicia came over to drop of Adria and Rella then left with Mom and Dad to go see "Welcome Back Potter" at Desert Star with Grandma and Grandpa. Landon had a party, so he left right before everyone got back, and he was out late!

1111 (Thursday) Veteran's Day. Flags were up and flying. Colton had preschool and then went to play with Randon. Mom and Dad went out to dinner with both sets of Grandparents, leaving Landon to tend for the evening. Keaton hurt his toe. Callahan had basketball practice. Mom and Dad didn't get home until late, staying at Grandma's and setting up Netflix for her.

1110 (Wednesday) Happy birthday to Mom. Cooper gave Mom $1 ... Colton was a bit bored as no friends were around today. He and Mom went to the store, then went and got a friend (Jeffery) for a bit. In the evening, the oldest boys all had scouts, and there was a Jazz game on. Again ... the Jazz came from behind to win!

1109 (Tuesday) Callahan was off early (6:30) for a Student Council field trip to BYU. Luckily I was able to arrange a ride for him to and from (as it got out the same time as the Columbia Carpool). Colton had preschool and then we had Randon over for a playdate. Had to take a different route home from the Middle School pickup, as a big RV was stalled in the left-hand turn lane onto Bangerter. Landon had the ref clinic again. Callahan had a hard night as the Jazz were losing and it looked like he wouldn't be able to make his Superleague practice tomorrow (changed to 4:00-5:15) ... but then everything turned around, the practice was postponed until Friday AND the Jazz made a great comeback to win in overtime!

1108 (Monday) Back on track ... we hadn't thought about the playdate with Addie, so we'll resume that next week. It was ok though, as Colton's little friend Bradley was around and available to play. It was pretty chilly and rainy. In the evening, Callahan had basketball practice and Landon had a referee clinic over at Gene Fullmer.

1107 (Sunday) Daylight Saving, so we got an extra hour ... and still slept in. Because it was Fast Sunday, I told the boys I wasn't making the Sunday Circles until after church. The kids practiced for the primary program which is next week.

Landon: 1,8,8,6,8,5,1 Total:37 Average: 5.3 Allowance $5
Callahan: 4,5,5,3,6,4,3 Total: 30, Average 4.2 Allowance $4
Keaton: 2,5,2,3,4,3,2 Total: 21 Average 3 Allowance $3
Cooper:41   Colton: 32

1106 (Saturday) Gray left early for a 10 mile hike/trail run with a friend. Callahan had his basketball game at 11:00. It was at the Taylorsville Rec center. Mom couldn't jog, so she actually wore something other than workout wear and brought the camera to catch video. The kids creamed the other team. We got our signups in for Jr. Jazz. Callahan went home with Cody and ended up at Stockton's later. It was the big U game ... the U was crushed. It was also a Jazz game. We don't get the stations either game was on, but have found a website that shows the games so we were able to watch. The Jazz won in double overtime!

1105 (Friday) Oh ... we have been sleeping in! Today it was ok, as it was late start Friday for Landon. Mom is SO lucky to have a boy like Landon who gets up and off on his own ... it lets her sleep in when the other boys are off track. But today was the last day off track, school starts again on Monday ... everyone will have to get up early again. Of course the timing couldn't be better with Daylight Savings ... we'll get an extra hour as we "fall back" this weekend, and that should help everyone who's been sleeping in get back on schedule. We did the usual French Toast Friday breakfast. It was a pretty quiet morning, no friends around. Callahan wanted to go to the school when it got out, as his friends on C track will be going off track, so he won't see them Monday when he returns to school. Mom went ahead and dropped him off and told him to walk home. Mom ran to Walmart and picked up some more bananas and a pineapple (the boys have been going through the fruit!) and picked up a couple clearance Halloween costumes. In the evening, Mom and Dad went to a movie (The Social Network). Definitely TOO much popcorn and candy!

1104 (Thursday) Last day of bowling for the boys. They wore white shirts for COSMIC bowling and Cooper won another bowling pin (yea).  Callahan had basketball practice in the evening, Mom walked the park during it. They stopped at the store on the way home as we were out of fruit ... picked up bananas, clementines and grapes .. and milk. Mom and Dad then played a little racquetball.

1103 (Wednesday) The boys went and played at Shaw's house, then Colton had a birthday party at Addie's. We all packed up and went out to drop him off, then Mom and Callahan, Keaton and Cooper went to Wendy's. In the evening, Callahan and Keaton had their scouts, but Dad and Landon had the night off because of their activity last night.

1102 (Tuesday) Landon was back to school, Colton had preschool, and the other boys had bowling. Mom just runs errands while the boys bowl, rather than driving home and back. Colton went to play at Sexton's after preschool, Mom picked him up then picked up the middle school kids. Toy Story 3 came out today. We bought it and put it on the Ipods ... it came in the mail from Blockbuster too, so we also have it on DVD. In the evening, Dad and Landon helped on an Eagle Scout project. Mom made lemon jello cake, YUM!

1101 (Monday) Landon had the day off as it's a prep day for the teachers after the end of quarter. Both he and Callahan slept in. But then they both did a lot of jobs (Landon did basketball drills, weights, jogged a mile and did wii fit, wrote in his journal, etc.!  Amazing!) For the other boys ... the day after Halloween activity? A trip to the dentist! Cooper, Colton and Keaton got their teeth cleaned. Cooper and Keaton will both have to come back to get cavities filled.  We did a quick stop at Target on the way home. Then Mom took Cooper to the doctor for a checkup on his arm. They cut off the red cast and put a new, blue, smaller cast on. Callahan had basketball practice with Klint's team in the evening. Next week he'll probably start with Reggie's team too!

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