Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Daily Doings (June2011)

0630 (Thursday) Field day for the boys at school. I'm always a little curious about it since Gray did it a few years ago, and I wanted to get pictures, so I did go over for a bit. Couldn't find Callahan, he was in the office nursing a bruised head (he was ok and went back out). No slip and slide or dunk tank, this was the first year they didn't borrow our water balloon fillers (the only activity using water balloons was the launchers, which the school had purchased their own a year or so ago). I stopped at Walmart on the way home. In the evening, we went out to Magas for a family party (Kolby's family is in town), roasted hot dogs on Rex's new firepit.

0629 (Wednesday) Back to the school today, this time for the Honor Roll assembly. All three boys got the award. When they called Cooper's name, Callahan and Keaton and all friends cheered SO loudly! Then it was Colton's last day of summer preschool at Gene Fullmer. It was a bit of a windy, cloudy day. Callahan's scouts went to the West Jordan Museum for more service. Gray's group did a little flag money gathering then had pizza at the park. At home, the kids went jump rope crazy. Cooper came home really interested in jumping rope last week. I pulled out the one from the exercise room, even though it was too big, he still tried to use it. Last Saturday I made a special trip to the store and picked him up a couple smaller ones to try, and ordered a red/white one from Amazon (which came yesterday, along with a new helmet for Colton and an Ipod case, which Landon liked and Callahan wants one now too). I had found one other jump rope, and all five were in use, plus the neighbors brought some over, tied three together to make a long one ... it was pretty funny to watch.

0628 (Tuesday) Mom drove to school again today. Got in a call mid-morning saying Cooper wasn't feeling well. I went to go pick him up. It was the 1st grade program today and I was a little disappointed ... normally I don't care much for them, but I was looking forward to it a bit with Cooper, he's been so stressed about it, singing the songs for weeks now. His teacher actually thought it WAS stress, nerves that was making him sick (they were just starting the performance for the school). We tried to have him do a song or two to see if his tummy would settle, but he did end up coming home. He seemed fine at home though, so we went back at 3:00 for the program. He did fine. It's just so crowded, and parents with cameras in front of me made it hard to get a picture on MY camera! Gray had a derby in the evening (for Uncle Darren) and Keaton went with him this time.

0627 (Monday) Mom drove the kids to school (the usual carpool is out of town) then did a little shopping. She and Colton went out a little later to the bread store and library. Bill paying day. Mowed the back lawn, hopefully picking up most of the sticks still around from the tree chop. The green waste is packed full. Speghetti for dinner then Mom and Dad went to play r-ball. Dad ran home. Keaton stressed out about cowboy days at school tomorrow ... he and friends are in charge of the "mine" and he didn't feel they had enough candy (gold&silver) to pass out to all the kids. I had bought some, but it wasn't enough. I raided our stash and found some "silver nuggets" (hersey's kisses) so it should be ok ... I think this is just supposed to be a FUN activity, not something for him to get SO stressed about!

0626 (Sunday) So Gray finally had a chance to sleep in, but he was still up rather early for a bike ride. Sunday Circles, bacon frying on the new griddle. Mom and Colton walked to church. The new computer had been set up several days ago, and today the switch is pretty much complete. The new computer IS much easier to work with video on, two new muvees from Saturday's games are up. Toasted cheese sandwiches for dinner, homemade oreos for dessert.

0625 (Saturday) Grayson left early for a mountain race. Chris and Corin were racing. Landon ended up going carp fishing with Gorringes. Keaton and Callahan both had basketball games. Keaton won (barely) and Callahan's team lost, but both boys had good games. Then it was the ward carnival over at the park. The dunk tank was the most popular, with all the Blackham boys but Landon (who didn't come until later) taking a turn on the dunking seat. Gray was in charge of a station, doing waterballoons and launchers. Then it was the pie eating contest. which was a fun photo opp last year. Unfortunately this year things went sour when Landon thought it would be funny to push Callahan (and Travis and Jacob's) faces into the pies. He did it too hard, Callahan was hurt and bleeding. It really cast a pall over the rest of the party and the rest of the night. We were supposed to go to the demolition derby, the tickets were purchased (and not cheap) but Gray didn't think Landon deserved to go and at that point didn't feel like it himself. Mom invited Travis and Jacob (and Bailey) as an apology and took all the kids herself. It was fun, but a little long for the little ones, didn't get home until after 10:30.

0624 (Friday) Friday French Toast ... I think our griddle is toast. It wasn't really cooking good, and when I fiddled with the temp the dial came off, so I really can't tell the temp now. It's been a good little griddle, but time for a new one I guess. Mom went to Walmart a little later in the day and picked one up. Landon finished chopping up the tree. Quite a bit of cleaning around the house by everyone today. Loads of laundry too ... Mom stopped at the credit union and opened an HSA (health savings account) ... no one seems to know much about them (not the gal there, nor Scott or our tax guy, both of whom we talked to with questions). Also did get a response about covering Grayson ... will be covered with an exclusion for his back. Don't like any exclusions (just in case) but we'll probably take it. Insurance ... what a pain! Gray mentioned yesterday that his tooth is really bothering him too ... just as he loses dental insurance ... Callahan had basketball practice in the evening. He caught a ride with Jacob Lavalee (who was practice 6-7) but Callahan's practice went to 8:00, so Mom picked him up. Dad came home tired from an EARLY start to the day.

0623 (Thursday) Last day of Driver'sEd for Landon. After the trucks came by and emptied the bins, Mom mowed the front lawn and did some weeding and sent Landon out to chop up the tree in back. Colton smashed his fingers in the door and was so sad and cried for a long time, enough that Mom was checking the medical info to see where to take him if necessary ... but then he was ok after all. Mom and Dad went out to dinner at Ruths Chris.

0622 (Wednesday) Dropped Landon off at Driver'sEd then Colton and Mom went to the dollar store to pick up a little birthday gift for a party that Colton would be attending a little later. Finished up just in time to drop Colton at his GF Preschool. Mom did a little reading in the sun, then picked up both boys and dropped Colton off at his party. A little cleaning (Mom made Landon clean the bathroom!) and then picking up the boys from school. Daddy got home early, needed to rest his eyes before scouts in the evening. Callahan has been jealous of Landon's new Ipod, and as his own has been acting up (resetting, freezing) he decided he wanted a NEW one too (and he had $200) so ... Mom ran him to BestBuy.

0621 (Tuesday) Colton has sure been sleeping in ... Mom's not sure if he's going to be up when it's time to take Landon at 10:00! After dropping Landon off, Mom and Colton hit a couple of stores. Colton was ready to be back at home. He played in the chopped down tree and hurt his hand. We need the garbages emptied so we can break up the rest of the tree and fit it in the green bin. Landon was supposed to drive the range after class today, but he was too nervous too, as he hasn't really been behind the wheel of a car much. We stopped at a church and let him practice a bit on the way home. Then he went over to Kayla's house. Dad had a derby, so Mom made him come home and go. Callahan has done the last few and didn't want to go. Keaton wanted to go, but he wanted to go to basketball practice more. Mom walked the park during his practice. The yard was filled with kids filling water balloons when we got back ...

0620 (Monday) Landon's driver's ed is now 10:00-1:00. After picking him up in the afternoon, there was a stop at the store and at Blockbuster. Then Mom told Landon he had to weed the back flowerbed ... he did, but got distracted by the peach tree (which has died ) and ended up chopping it down. He also got distracted by the noisy birds and checked out the nest in the cinder block wall.  Daddy brought home a new computer (as Mom has used up all the space with her muvees) and so we are now trying to get it set up. Callahan added a new game app to his ipod and it has gotten Landon wanting a Touch again (he's been using Mommy's, which frustrates Colton, as he likes to use Mommy's). Landon had enough money, so Dad took him to the store to buy one (and Gray also picked up AppleTV).  We're a techie house!

0619 (Sunday) Happy Father's Day. It was pouring rain, and it had been dripping outside the window very loudly in the master bedroom since the early hours. Gray went for a run in the rain then got on a ladder and cleared out the raingutter. We did the usualy Sunday Circles for breakfast, then off to church. At 5:00, we went out to Scott and Amy's for the annual Westra Father's Day bash, too bad it was so wet. Usually there is plenty of room (when we could spread outside). It did clear up for a bit, so we got in the family photo, and the kids played with the toads from under the tramp. Gray brought out his paracord and it was a big hit.

0618 (Saturday) Mom ran to Kohls in the morning and picked up some Nike socks for Keaton and Callahan, then tried to clean up some, as Daddy was coming home today. Keaton's game was at 12:00, Callahan wanted to go too, so Bailey came over to babysit the two little boys. Unfortunately, the other team (from Taylorsville) didn't show, only about three kids. Callahan jumped on their team, as did a kids from the game before, and the kids had a scrimmage, but it is not the same as a game. Callahan's game was at 2:00. They won, but it wasn't a cakewalk like the Spring games. Daddy and Landon were home when we got back, Daddy was very tired (after several nights of not good sleep, and a second ride around the lake this morning) so Mom let him rest. She ran to the library then took the boys out to Ana's for Adian's birthday party. Landon didn't go, he went to a dance recital that his girlfriend was performing in. Back at home for baths and bed.

0617 (Friday) Mom had some store runs planned in the morning to keep Colton busy, but there were friends around, so we didn't get out after all. Early out for the boys, then we went out to Grandma's house to swim, although Callahan didn't, said he didn't feel like it. Chris was there with his boys and Beth and her kids. Driving there and back, we say Woodstock Elementary school being torn down. Did bring feelings of sadness.That was my school. Keaton had been scheduled for scouts, but it fell through, which was ok as then he could tend the little boys while Mom took Callahan to basketball practice. Rather than walking the park, she just dropped him, then hit Maceys (we were almost out of bread and milk) and Big5 (some tank tops for Landon) and back to pick him up. Landon and Daddy come home tomorrow.

0616 (Thursday) Colton was a bit bored in the morning as no friends seemed to be around. But luckily, he had a playdate at Bryce's house, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Mom liked the time home alone too! A little reading in the sunshine. Also, calling day, following up on insurance stuff, and some basketball business (burning DVDs of Spring season to pass out).

0615 (Wednesday) Gray was up early getting ready to leave for the scout trip to Bear Lake. It's been quite a job for him to prepare for, but they were ready and got off around 12:30. Colton had his preschool at Gene Fullmer today. Mom stopped at Sam's Club on the way home. It was a sunny, hot day. Mom got a little sun, and the boys played in the water after school (the slide, sprinklers, little pool and garbage cans).

0614 (Tuesday) Well ... Mom decided today would be a good day to try and get Landon's learner's permit. He had already taken the test in class, so we knew he passed. We went out and did hit a small snag ... Mom had forgotten her wallet! Luckily there was a checkbook in the car and she had brought her passport (not sure if it was just Landon that needed the documentation or her too). So other than that, it went pretty well. Colton was content playing on the Ipod. Colton was a bit bored at home though, as no friends were around. Randon ended up coming over for a bit and the boys played in the sprinkler and on a little slip and slide. Dad had a derby, Callahan ended up going with him to help. Mom took Keaton to basketball practice and she jogged the park. Still not sure of the schedules, or actually even Keaton's team, as there seem to be 16 kids, and we're not positive if there are two teams and which kids are where or what. Guess we'll find out more Saturday (and get uniforms then too).

0613 (Monday) Columbia kids to school, then we didn't really have anything on deck. Landon's driver's ed class isn't going on this week (which turned out great as he has scout camp Wed-Saturday). Mom got distracted by home movies again, uncovering the old video camera and trying (unsuccessfully) to transfer files to the computer. We got hit with a rainstorm in the early evening, and there was a beautiful rainbow. Gray went to do the shopping for the scout trip, dropping Landon off to get a haircut. Baths for the little boys.

0612 (Sunday) Ah ... sleep in ... then Sunday Circles. Then church. After, Mom made some brownies and we went to visit Ana and the new baby. Brought some baked ziti too, although Landon didn't want to part with it. Baby Amare is so tiny! Back at home, we watched the NBA championship game, Dallas won, so that ended the series. Very sad new from Nikki&Callahan, not about Eliza, but about Callahan, who was critically injured in a biking accident. Crushed the vertebra in his neck. Life is not fair.

0611 (Saturday) Gray, Landon and the scouts were off for another 25 mile bike ride in the morning. When they got back, Mom and Dad took the little blue truck back to Grandma and Grandpa's house, then stopped for breakfast on the way home. In the evening, there was a little reunion at Burton's for the YM/YW from 10 years ago (when Gray was in the bishopric). Landon had MiKayla over (his new girlfriend) for basketball and Wii. Mom ran to Blockbuster to pick up a DVD for Daddy, then stopped for milk, gotta restock for Sunday!

0610 (Friday) Friday French Toast ... although some of the boys (and Mom) had brownies for breakfast too. Landon had driver's ed. Early out for the Columbia kids. We picked up Landon then headed out to Grandma and Grandpa's to go swimming at the pool there. At the first, we had it all to ourselves, then others came. Not too surprising, as it was a sunny hot day (the first in a while). Dad was home (but asleep) when we got back.

0609 (Thursday) Landon had to go to driver's ed early for some "range" time. Colton had a boring day at home, as no friends seemed to be around. We picked up Landon, then the boys from school, the Mom took Cooper to the doctor to get his cast off (Colton came too). Cooper is having a hard time moving his elbow, but that is to be expected. We gave him a bath, trying to rub off all the dead skin. He wants to wear his brace that he received after his last break ... it's not long enough to really help (other than psychological) but it also doesn't hurt, so ok. Dad was busy prepping for a big proposal tomorrow, then he did take the TV from the bedroom and put it in the family room, and installed the new tv in the bedroom. The boys are happy to have a big tv again ... and we all watched the NBA championship game 5, which was close and exciting! Brownies for the evening treat.

0608 (Wednesday) Busy day. Callahan had an ortho appointment in the morning (8:30). Mom dropped him off at school after then went to Maceys for a few groceries. Colton had a summer preschool (just on Wednesdays for June) at 10:45, then Landon was off to driver's ed at 12:00. Mom had to pick up Colton at 12:45, so instead of running home and then back, she went to Gene Fullmer (where the preschool is) and jogged the park until preschool was done. Colton seemed to enjoy it. Back to pick up Landon at 3:00. Stopped at Dunford Donuts on the way home, and had to take a detour, as the road was closed at the Trax ... we found out later that a 15-year old girl went under the crossing arms and was hit by the train and killed. Very sad. Gray and the boys had a scouting activity up at a cabin, so they left early and were home late. Mom made ziti to bake for dinner tomorrow night. Ana had her baby today!

0607 (Tuesday) Cooper had originally been scheduled to get his cast off today, but he had a field trip at school (so taking him in late wouldn't have been an option) - rescheduled until Thursday after school. Daddy turned on the sprinklers in the evening and Cooper was bummed as Colton went running through them. I put a plastic bag over the cast and sent him out to play, so it was all ok. Landon had his driver's ed class again, Eli was there today, making up some hours. Colton played at Randon's house. Mom got in quite a bit of exercise, hitting 30k and getting a footrub. It was a nice, sunny day. Dominos dinner.

0606 (Monday) Summer/School routine. Colton has been sleeping in now that he can. Got the Columbia kids off to school, then Mom and Dad dropped the suburban off for repair. Mom is stuck with the little truck for the day ... driving a stick shift, it's been a long time! She dropped Landon off at Driver's Ed at noon then she and Colton stopped at Sam's Club. Back to pick up Landon at 3:00, but didn't have to pick up the Columbia kids, having made arrangements for Jacob's mom to do it, as all the kids wouldn't fit into the little blue truck. The suburban was done, so Mom went in and paid and picked up the keys around 6:00, but didn't have anyone to go with to drive it home, so she and Dad went back a little later than night. Ribs for dinner. There were a ton of kids in the front yard playing. Dad did some paracord stuff, inflated a little pool (should be a nice day tomorrow for Colton to swim, today was overcast and windy) and got the trimmer back into working shape. Landon went over to McKayla's house ... his NEW girlfriend. He only broke up with his last girlfriend a couple weeks ago ...

0605 (Sunday) The beach was a little rocky and marshy, not really calling to us. Dad went for a run, Mom and the boys went for a walk along the shores and stopped at the playground. The boys had fun on a spinning carousel, going round and round (and round). We took some pictures, found a little fishing pole that the boys played with (Colton really wants to try fishing). We did see some carp there in the water. Checkout time was 10:00, so we packed up and grabbed some breakfast, then headed home. The suburban's brakes haven't been sounding good at all, Gray noticed it yesterday (he had taken the burb for the boys bike ride). He said it's the same thing he had to take his truck in for a couple months ago ($400 repair) so that isn't good! We got home a little after 1:00, Landon went ahead and went to church, but Gray and I needed a nap. Pam emailed asking if we would join them at the cemetery, we hadn't gone over Memorial Weekend, as it was cold and rainy. It was nice today (hot actually), and not crowded. Ana's family came, but Clay's crew had other plans. Maga actually had to come pick up the older boys, as Gray didn't want to take the suburban, and we didn't all fit in the truck. On the way home, we stopped at my folks and picked up the little blue truck, as both Gray and I need cars tomorrow. Heart.

0604 (Saturday) Gray and Landon were up early for a bike ride with the scouts. 25 miles. Gray had talked about us going to Bear Lake for a quick family vacation, so as soon as he was back we packed up and headed out. The boys seemed surprised MOM was actually coming on a vacation! It's about a three hour drive. Dad had booked a little motel at Ideal Beach. He needed to spend a little time looking around (where the scouts will be camping, the bike route), so Mom took the boys miniature golfing and then swimming. Poor Cooper, he was sure wishing he has his cast off for swimming! He did play in the water some, but Mom took him back to the room when Daddy showed up to take over watching the other boys. Colton took a tumble from the top of the slide right onto the hard concrete. He complained his bum hurt for a while, but did seem fine the next day. We went out to get some dinner and Daddy and the older boys had the famous Bear Lake Raspberry Shakes (Mom and Colton shared a chocolate malt). We actually had two rooms (four queen beds), the three older boys were in one room, while Mom and Dad and the little boys shared the other room.

0603 (Friday) French Toast Friday ... Callahan took a bunch of paracord bracelets to school for the "store" there and got rich selling them. Mom got distracted with home movies ... the kids have been watching some of the original ones, and that got Mom trying to take the most recent clips and getting them onto DVD using Muvee. She also found some older ones she had transfered a couple years ago with Tivo. Fun to see the boys so little, where did those little boys go? Colton has been wanting a bible ... Cooper's teacher gave him one (he had been bringing only a Book of Mormon) and so Colton wanted one too. There was probably one around the house somewhere, but Mom and Colton ran to DI to pick one up. Also found some jerseys (even a current Jazz one, Raja Bell!) Landon went to a friend's for the evening while Dad took the other boys to go see "KungFu Panda 2".

0602 (Thursday) Technically Landon had school, but he said nothing was happening and he didn't want to go, so Mom let him stay home. On to high school for him ... actually starting next week with summer driver's education! But a couple days off before, and he did spend most of it sitting in front of his computer - texting, playing games and watching Netflix. Mom says she doesn't want him spending the summer in his room. Mom and Colton ran to Smiths for some groceries. Baked up the rest of the gingersnap dough and made chicken pillows for dinner. Then she headed over to the church for some volleyball. Dad brought home some new paracord and spent most of his evening helping kids with paracord projects. Landon and Callahan played basketball outside until after dark. Game two of the NBA finals was a close and exciting finish ... 1-1 to start! Nice to have the games on ABC where we can watch.

0601 (Wednesday) It was Lagoon day for Landon, going with the 9th graders. Nice weather for it. After the other boys left for school, Mom and Colton went on a bike ride. They rode up to the soccer park and all around it, about 30 minutes total. Colton's legs were tired. Colton went to Reagan's birthday party at noon. She got a new bigger bike, so she and Colton will be riding around even more now. There was some sun, Colton got in a swimsuit for a bit while Mommy read a book. The boys had scouts in the evening (dodgeball).

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