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Daily Doings (July2011)

0731 (Sunday) Cooper was very concerned about church today, because a storm was in the forecast. He made it through, although I could see him struggling with his emotions during primary. Colton "prayed" the scripture ... we need to work with him a bit I guess. We had our usual Sunday circles for breakfast. I made ziti for dinner, and to take as a gift to Aunt Alicia, as it was her birthday party celebration. Landon had a fireside, and Gray stayed home with Cooper, who didn't want to go out because of the stormy weather. The other three kids and I went to Grandmas to see cousins and have some cake and ice cream. I brought Chex mix and the jumpropes and hula hoops. I thought the kids might be sick of them by now, but they still were used a lot. Daddy made chocolate shake in a blender when we got home ... Cooper's favorite.

0730 (Saturday) Started off the day with a little cardio, then started working on getting the house clean for Grayson to come home to. I didn't get as far as I wanted, they got home a lot earlier than I expected (around 10:00). Keaton had a game at 1:00. It was against a very good team (one that would have been better suited to play Callahan's crew, and had played them in the past before leaving the rec league to try superleage and AAU). So it was a tough game, Keaton took a few hard falls. Callahan's game was at 4:00 against Steve's  (Keaton's coach) older team. We were expecting a beating going in, so the boys were thrilled when they were leading for the first quarter. The other team did come back, and it was a loss, but only by five. It was a good game. Gray was gone shopping when we got back, picking up some supplies for future work BBQs. He then took the older boys to Philly Cheesesteak for some dinner and then Iceberg for shakes. Landon's friends came over in the evening and hung out for quite a while. I made some cookies for them, they stayed out chatting on the front lawn until 11:30.

0729 (Friday) Mowed the lawn in the morning, then decided to take the kids to Classic. There had been a Groupon the other day ($20 for four to the waterpark, plus token, pizza and a drink). I hadn't been there, but had seen it driving by on the freeway. It really wasn't too far away. At first I wasn't sure if it was going to "take" with the kids. They went down the slides a couple times, and the older boys seemed a bit bored ... then it kicked in and they had a blast. We stayed for three hours. Cooper had a little bit of trouble as some clouds rolled in. I took him in with me as we looked over the rest of the place. They have laser tag, blast zone, bounce houses, a jungle (ropes and climbing), skating and arcade. I had him play a few games. The kids liked the pizza. Colton took a tumble off one of the inflatable slides and got a big bump on his head. All in all, it was a successful day. The older boys were quite good helping with the little ones. I got a bit more sun than I intended. In the evening, Callahan had basketball practice. I took Keaton, Cooper and Colton with me, and we went and played in the park behind the gym. There was a little thing where you could rotate pieces, and Keaton spelled out "COOP", then "MOM", then "COLT" ... I took a picture of all of them, but when I went to move them to the computer, there was a malfunction and they were lost. I was sad about that. They boys seemed to have fun at the little park. Klint (Callahan's coach) had some kids drop off his summer team, so he's invited Keaton to come play on the 3rd/4th for the remaining games (three left) and come practice with the team (Fridays at 6:00). Home again home again ... Gray and Landon will be back in the morning. Didn't get a lot of cardio in, I am feeling my weight workout from Wednesday!

0728 (Thursday) We met friends at Jump 'N Bounce in the morning. We were getting ready to leave, and making plans for the three younger kids to go play at DiFrancesco's house when Gunderson's came in ... so Callahan wanted to stay and jump more with Stockton. I said I'd pick him up when he was done, but Stockton's family ended up dropping him off and saving me the trip. I picked up the other boys after a couple hours of play, stopping to fill up the car with gas, drop off DVDs at Blockbuster and grab some breadsticks from Little Ceasers.

0727 (Wednesday) Today Landon was leaving for Youth Conference, Grayson was coming home from scout camp and heading up to join the group. I didn't really know the times, so didn't plan much for the day. Landon should have had some activities in the morning, but he didn't get off and I didn't make him. I dropped him off at the church at 1:00. Gray got home a bit later ... with Callahan. Camp Stiener is at a very high elevation and I guess Callahan was hit with some altitude sickness. Dizziness, coughing, both nights were bad for him, he had a night terror episode. Gray just thought it would be better to bring him back, and I would have been worried, so happy to have him home. I had thought about trying to get in a "fun" activity today (bowling or something) but decided just to let Callahan recoup. It was a good exercise day with cardio and weights.

0726 (Tuesday) We didn't really have anything planned for today ... I ended up taking Landon and Keaton back for Fun 'n Motion for some more laser tag and laser maze ... but I didn't spring for the little guys. We just dropped the big boys off and then went to Maceys, stocking up on some Gogurt and other groceries. We picked up the boys a little later and drove by the library and Dominos. Keaton had actually set a record for the laser maze and wanted it documented ... so I took him back and grabbed some video and pictures and came home and made a muvee. It started to rain ... then REALLY come down. Of course Cooper freaked out. I tried to get him distracted with headphones and music, a gameboy and a video, in his room with the blinds drawn. He didn't want me to leave his side but I had to, as the raingutter in back had clogged and water was gathering in the window well, and overflowing into the basement! Luckily it was the one in the unfinished area (the furnace room and exercise room), so no carpet or walls were damaged. But I did go out and jump into the window well and started bailing to prevent too much water from coming in the house. Landon and Keaton were a big help too. All three of us were completely drenched! Keaton had scouts and then  basketball practice in the evening. I usually walk the park, but it was still drizzling and I don't know that Cooper could have coped with me being gone very long.

0725 (Monday) Gray and Callahan were off for scout camp early in the morning. A whole week for Callahan! Gray will come home on Wednesday, but head right out again for Youth Conference, Landon will be leaving Wednesday too. Around 11:00, I took the boys and we went to check out a new fun center "Fun 'N Motion" that is close by. Nothing new with the bouncy houses and arcade, but there was a laser tag and laser maze section that was fun. I went ahead and bought some all day passes for the future ($11 each), I'll probably use them for the older boys rather than the little ones though. Then I took Landon to Best Buy to get him a different case for his Ipod. He decided it was a little bulky, and with Keaton and the other kids using my old 4th generation, I was happy to take the Otterbox case and use it on that one. Then we headed out to Grandmas, to see cousins (Jensens) up from St. George. Janika and Jase had been at youth conference, but had returned today around 1:00. Jaiden had smashed her fingers on the weight set downstairs and Wendy had spent most of last night at the ER with her. The cousins played and we all went swimming (not Jaiden, with her hand though). Conner was there too. After swimming, I picked up some pizza and breadsticks (and some Wendys, for Landon and Keaton, who didn't want Little Ceasers). Grandma made brownies, and S&A came with cookies. We jumped rope, did hula hoops, played Cosmic Catch, lit some fireworks ... then it started to sprinkle and Cooper freaked out. When the rain came down harder, he was pretty hysterical, so that ended the night for us.

0724 (Sunday) Gray went for a long run in the morning before church. We did our usual Sunday Circles. I played for both Jr. and Sr. Primary. Walked to and from church and got in three sessions on the elliptical. Made homemade oreos for the Sunday treat and worked a little updating the recipe book.

0723 (Saturday) Gray took off fairly early to head up to Pineview to try and scout out a climbing area for the upcoming Youth Conference trip. I got the boys cleaning, then took Cooper and Co (Ridley and Marc) to a birthday party at the park for some school friends. I dropped them off, then picked up some fireworks and stopped at Smiths for groceries. Barely got home in time to unload, then went to pick the kids up. Gray came home, but turned right around and headed up to Smith and Edwards with the two older boys. I took the three younger ones and went over to Tony, Marc and Mara's house. They had a big birthday party earlier for a cousin and had a big inflatable in their backyard. The kids enjoyed playing, we stayed for several hours.

0722 (Friday) We went to JumpAndBounce as soon as it opened at 10:00, sans Landon, who is wasting the summer away sitting in front of the television. The other boys had a blast with their buddies Tony, Marc and Mara. We stayed three hours, and then invited the kids over to our house to play for a while. In the evening, Gray and I went out to Market Street Grill for our anniversary dinner. 19 years ... Gray gave me a 32gb Touch ...

0721 (Thursday) Last day of swimming lessons for the boys. Cooper passed level three (again) ... but I might let him do it AGAIN until he is actually confident in himself. Colton would need to do level 2 again (not a big surprise either). The little boys wanted more swimming, I wanted to hit Kearns this summer, and Landon and Callahan would both be gone next week, so it seemed a decent day. Landon was a teenager about it ... didn't want to go with US, only friends, but I said he had to come, and I needed the help of the older boys a lot! Colton likes the small pool and the bucket, but Cooper wants to swim and dive, which is several pools over. The big boys were a big help. We stayed for about three hours. It was fun but exhausting. In the evening I had planned on the parade preview, and I probably shouldn't have done two "family fun" things in one day ... and we should have bagged the parade preview as everyone was miserable. I think next year I'll just go enjoy it all by myself ... and I think I'm done forcing family "fun" ...

0720 (Wednesday) I had originally planned on a JumpAndBounce visit this morning after swimming lessons, but then went Monday (and plan to go Friday) instead ... but the kids had heard me say J&B Wednesday morning and held me to it. I called and invited R&R the night before. While it's fun visiting with the other moms, it's also nice just to bring a book and read, which is what I did today. It was really crowded! Back to school night in the evening for the three youngest kids. Last year it was a huge carnival type thing, with inflatables and snow cones and such, this year it was just meeting the teachers and getting a treat. Cooper teacher wasn't who we expected, and his friend Marc isn't in his class :( (Ridley and Jaxon are though).

0719 (Tuesday) A bad night ... stressed over the school situation for Callahan (got a registration packet from Elkridge ... when we turned in our stuff to West Hills) ... no one is available at the schools until Aug 1. Hope we can get it straightened out. It was a bit stormy in the morning, I wondered if they might postpone swimming lessons, but didn't get a call. We went and it was cool and a bit breezy, but fine. Stopped for donuts on the way home ($3.99 for a dozen glazed at Dunford, of course I had to grab a few assorted favorites as well ... and of course I had to eat one ... or two). Tried to out cardio the calories, walked during swimming lessons, did several elliptical sessions and weights. Callahan had an ortho appointment at 2:00. I dropped him and ran to Kohls, picking up a couple jeans for Gray with the 30% off and $10 coupons, and got a $10 Kohls Cash back. After the appointment, Callahan and I stopped by the bank to deposit a check and open him an account (as I've been holding his money for him). While we were there, a HUGE thunderstorm hit. It was incredible, it looked hurricane force. All I could think about was Cooper freaking out at home (which he was). Callahan and I made a dash for the car, getting drenched. The rain pretty much stopped by the time we got home. Cooper had locked himself in his room. I tried to comfort him. He wasn't happy when I had to leave a little later (taking Keaton to basketball practice) but Daddy saved the day, taking him and Colton out to the candy store at Gardner Village. I jogged the park during the practice. Callahan had gone too and got a good workout with the team.

0718 (Monday) Second week of swimming lessons for the boys. It was a little overcast today, Cooper has been SO concerned with the weather. Clouds, wind, rain ... afraid of thunderstorms and tornadoes. Back at home after, the kids seemed a bit bored, so I told them we could go to JumpAnd;Bounce. I sent texts off to a couple other families (more fun with friends) and luckily Gundersons were able to join us there. The kids had so much fun that Callahan, Cooper and Colton wanted to continue playing, and went to their house after for a couple of hours. I got the front lawn mowed and a bit of elliptical in. A run to Walmart and chicken pillows for dinner.

0717 (Sunday) We had our usual breakfast. Walked to and from church and did some elliptical ... also got a little alone time and sun. Homemade oreos for the Sunday treat.

0716 (Saturday) I really don't love birthday parties, or birthdays themselves really. The morning was a bit rough, as Gray said he had to go into work, and would only be back as the party started. He took Landon too, so I was on my own for party prep. I ran to the store (more balloons ... I'd purchased tons of water balloons, but between scouts and the kids, most of them had disappeared). Did some cleaning (hopefully the kids would mostly be staying outside, but the bathroom needed a scrub down and the kitchen is always bad). I felt a step behind all day ... running to find cups, candles (I should have used the EZ lite ones, this crowd would have really liked them, but I was to flustered to remember them), getting the kids something to drink. Gray got home and set up a tarp so we had a little shade, then tried to get one of the bottle launchers running. To get a couple empty two-liter bottles, we dropped Mentoes into DietCoke (I had found a handy little dispenser at the store) which causes a reaction, spraying the drink high into the air. I think they did that four times! The dunk tank was popular as always, and the boys enjoyed the waterballoons (I had even picked up some regular size and the long twisty balloons) and slingshots and general waterfight. The boys made a paracord partyfavor to take home. I was SO tired when it was done. Running around in my bare feet on the hot sidewalk, and my eyes ached from the sun. I think many of the boys will have a bit of a sunburn too... but it's DONE ... yea! And I think Callahan was quite happy with it. Everyone brought gifts ... mostly money, so he's quite a bit richer than he was the day before. I did just want to collapse in bed, but it was time for Keaton's basketball game. I hoped he wasn't as drained as I was! Apparently that was not a problem, as he did great, he was definitely the star of the team today. They won easily. Callahan came to watch. Then we stopped at the store for some rolls and roast beef for French Dip ... made that at home, followed by some brownies then ... a foot rub, and they needed it!

0715 (Friday) Friday French Toast ... still a bit of a rush with sleeping in and then swimming lessons. I stopped a moment to talk to Shari Hyer as we were leaving, so we were a bit late (which you don't really want to be when the lesson is only 30 minutes). The boys had been invited out to Sexton's for a playdate, so I dropped off the three younger ones. I had offered to drop the two older ones at a movie ... but they turned me down! I stopped at Sams Club on the way home and picked up a chocolate cake. Months ago, we didn't get a party for Callahan for his birthday. I had suggested postponing it until summer when we could have an outdoor bash ... and as he didn't have a game this week (they had a bye) it seemed like the perfect time. I had reserved a dunk tank, but Grayson wasn't going to be able to get home in time to pick it up. I wanted to get it today, so the kids could have an extra day of play (I wasn't sure how much the little boys would get tomorrow with all the bigger kids around). Clay was nice enough to stop by after work and help me grab it and get it set up. We didn't have quite as many kids around, Hyers and Littlewoods were gone, and it was Stake Lagoon Day, so other families were missing as well. I had invited Sextons back out to our house and they came and everyone had a good time. The kids played until after dark. Gray got home quite late, but said the BBQ had been a success.

0714 (Thursday)  Cooper has been asking about going  bowling, so after the little boys were done with swimming lessons, I said I'd take them. Landon and Keaton didn't want to go, so I just took Callahan and the two little boys. I actually got them settled, and leaving Callahan tending, I ran to a couple stores then came back to pick them up. We hit Maceys on the way home, getting the boys ice cream cones and restocking our brownie mix. In the evening, we went to Mountain Mikes for dinner. I had a coupon deal that was expiring. The boys like the breadsticks much more than the pizza, next time we'll get a double order of breadsticks and smaller pizzas.  We drove past the "UP" house (the Disney Movie), and then it was a late night at home as Gray was prepping for a work BBQ he was hosting tomorrow.

0713 (Wednesday) I noticed the bike rack seemed empty this morning ... Callahan and Landon's bike were gone. Stolen? (Keaton and Colton's bikes were still there, the scooters too). They've been out for years, I guess we were pushing our luck. Swimming lessons in the morning, stopping for gas on the way home. Then we met  DiFrancesco's (Tony, Marc, Mara) and Jump and Bounce. I texted Gundersons to see if Stockton could join us and he was able to. We stayed longer than I had thought the kids would last. We brought Stockton home and he and Callahan played the day away. The boys had scouts in the evening, and I left Keaton tending while I ran to Kohls, picking him up a duffle bag for basketball, and found a couple jerseys for the boys to earn with points.

0712 (Tuesday) Second (and final) day of scout camp for Keaton. Next year he'll do the week long with an overnighter, and Cooper will be going to this day camp. It was a bit windy and overcast. Cooper has been very concerned about the weather. His fascination with tornadoes has turned into fear. He was practically hysterical at Grandma's on Sunday (as it was a bit stormy, at the end he just wanted to go home!) He was eyeing the trees blowing and the cloud cover with a worried eye, I guess the swimming people were too, because they did call and cancelled the lesson for today (to be made up on Friday). It was kind of a boring day at home, we probably should have gone out and done something fun, but with Keaton gone, I didn't want to do anything he would feel left out of ... so we didn't do anything. I got in cardio and weights. Keaton got home around 3:00, then had basketball practice in the evening. I walked the park while I waited. Tacos for dinner.

0711 (Monday) 7-11 was giving away free slurpees today, but I didn't want to brave the crowds. Keaton had scout camp, had to be at the church at 7:45. The two little boys had swimming lessons at 9:45 at the outdoor pool. Callahan got invited to Stockton's house, then their family went to Jump&Bounce and we joined them there. The little boys enjoyed playing with Stockton's little brothers.

0710 (Sunday) Sunday Circles, and some brownies and cookies are a "Cookies and Cousins" party after church. Subbed as music leader today, Gray taught a lesson (pulled out some of his old missions stuff, we were laughing over some of the photos). Headed out to my folks around 5:30 ... it was sprinkling, which wasn't good, as with the crowd, Mom wanted to have the kids playing outside. Which they did anyway. We brought our hula hoops, jump ropes and Cosmic Catch. Dad put out their golf shoes game. It was fun to see the cousins and their kids who we hadn't seen for quite a while.

0709 (Saturday) Had the boys get up and do their Saturday jobs (bathrooms for Landon and Callahan ... and me, basement playroom for Keaton, Lego room for the little boys). Two basketball games, Keaton was first, at Taylorsville. It was close, but they won. Keaton got six points. Callahan's team got killed, and Callahan couldn't land a shot, so he was pretty down and frustrated. Lots of time DOWN on the floor and he hurt his knee and was in tears. The other team wasn't that much bigger, but they were better! We had heard a roaring sound during the game, turns out it was rain and hail. Gray and I went out to Red Robin for a dinner date. The storm hit again, lots of wind, the fountain there in front of the theaters was blowing water everywhere (they turned it off). Cooper was a little freaked out at home, poor kid.

0708 (Friday) Summer has just started, but it seems easier this year than the last couple ... probably because the boys are growing up. Before, I would worry about Colton and Cooper going outside unsupervised ... now, they are older, and the other kids are older (and I feel like they keep an eye on them better). So that's a good thing. Got in exercise (cardio and weights) and even managed to clean the house some. In the evening, Callahan had basketball practice. Gray and I dropped him off at Gene Fullmer, grabbed a little food for Gray then played some racquetball. Grayson was a little worn out ... a big bike ride in the morning, and a grueling trail run/hike. He was ready for bed when we got home.

0707 (Thursday) For the past couple years, we've had a "start of summer" breakfast. We're a couple days late, but we did it this morning. I took the boys to "Outpost" as I had a coupon, and it was one the way to Grandma's house, where we headed afterward. I had a bunch of clothes and such to drop off, as Grayson "purged" his closet a few days ago. Dad and I played some tennis while Mom and the boys hit the pool. Dad and I joined them after and it felt good. The boys were hungry again on the way home, so we stopped at Wendys. They have changed the size (and type... it's clear now) of cup for the small frosty. In the evening, Gray and I went out to a movie, "Super8" which has gotten good reviews. With kids as the main characters, it seems aimed at kids a bit, but it was pretty intense. Landon would probably like it.

0706 (Wednesday) I got up early (at 7:00) to go to the outdoor pool by Gene Fullmer and sign the two little boys up for swimming lessons. I had tried to last night, but they only do it the one day and she said they fill up fast. I did get them in, although for a moment there I wasn't sure I would get them in at the same time, but it worked out. 9:45 for a half hour Mon-Thur the next couple weeks. I mentioned it to Cooper and he seems quite stressed about it, although I put him in level 3 again, which he actually passed last summer. So he should be able to do everything. I stopped for donuts at Dunford on the way home. A video game Landon has been wanting came in the mail, so he was happy about that. I mowed the lawn and weeded some. Exercise and weights. Scouts in the evening for Gray and the older two. Got a call from a friend saying they were at Jump and Bounce, so I packed up the three little ones and we went over for a bit (until it closed). Callahan wasn't happy to have missed it though!

0705 (Tuesday) Bit of a down day ... I had really hoped Lagoon would work out for the boys. I even considered trying the drive ... just wasn't sure if I was up it all and wasn't sure really what the plan was. So ... just a boring day at home to start the summer. The kids did have a waterfight in the backyard. Cooper is very excited about the new job chart.

0704 (Monday) 4th of July. We didn't really have any plans. There was a parade on Redwood, but I'm not really a parade person (crowds). The weather was cloudy with some rain too. The party tonight got switched from Maga's to Clay's. It is closer, but I had been thinking of leaving the older boys so they could go to Lagoon with Kolby and Jami, and so that didn't happen (and us going to Lagoon didn't happen). It was still a little rainy, but then it cleared up. Maga had bought a big inflatable waterslide for the kids, and of course there was the usual waterfight. We got home in time to watch all the fireworks, the neighbors put on quite a show. It was windy though, and Gray was tired (and in bed). I had only bought a few for us.

0703 (Sunday) Still feeling just a bit off, so I stayed home from church and took a nap. Gray made his wonderful steak and mashed taters for dinner. I made cookie press cookies, as Keaton has been asking for them for a while!

0702 (Saturday) Woke up sick ... stomach bug. Felt awful. It was mostly the morning,  but I didn't get around to doing much, no exercise, didn't leave the house. Gray made a store run and hit Blockbuster. We watched "The Adjustment Bureau" in the evening.

0701 (Friday) Last day of school for the boys, letting out half day at 1:00. In the evening, Gray and I went out to a movie, and I ate too much popcorn!

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