Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Daily Doings (Feb2011)

0228 (Monday) Back to routine. Got the boys off to school, Colton and Mom ran to Walmart.  I had intended to pick up a cheap DVD player for the boys to put in their room, but I forgot. They are hooked up with an Ipod, so I guess they are ok. I called XBOX but they insist on going through some trouble shooting (which is a mute point, it doesn't work!) so I'll have to wait until Landon is around to plug it back in and help out with that (he's out of school Friday). We also went and picked up the registration for WestHills. Colton finally got some Rusty&Rosie in, we've gotten out of the habit. The usual carpools. Mom marinated chicken and Dad hit the bbq when he got home ... we ate it all, no leftovers!

0227 (Sunday) The usual breakfast of Sunday Circles, Gray made French Toast with cinnamon bread from Dunford's too. Colton did NOT want to go to church today, crying himself into a tizzy. Ward Conference, Mom saw her friend Stephanie there (from the Stake primary). We went back at 5:00 for Callahan's ordination. Maga came out too. Gingersnaps for the Sunday treat. The boys Xbox actually DIED ... (at least it was still doing Netflix before) ... now we really need the repair.

0226 (Saturday) Grayson took the boys to powwow again, the last week. He brought home donuts. When he got back (he took my car) I went out running errands. Stopped at Smiths, Blockbuster, the drycleaners, then Gene Fullmer, dropping off Keaton's basketball signup and to ask if they were going to do a FunShot competition this year. I found out they were doing it, RIGHT THEN. I was so sad, but when I asked, I was told the boys could still participate. I ran home and got them and went back, filled out the paperwork and then, the just said "sorry, you're too late". C&K were in tears. They did let the boys do it after the competition ended, but it was just a bad experience, I wish it hadn't happened. I wish they would advertise it better. I guess the coaches were supposed to tell us, but we didn't hear about it. There were no flyers, nothing posted online ...as we left, Callahan said "at least I have my basketball party today" ... and then we found out it was cancelled. He was so sad.  So bad day ... I had planned on dropping off Callahan's basketball signup when I dropped him at the party. Klint ended up picking it up. Gray took the younger boys to a baptism (Riley Sexton). Toasted cheese sandwiches for dinner, snickerdoodles for dessert.

0225 (Friday) Colton finally seems to be feeling better. We had our breakfast of french toast (we were almost out of bread, but Gray and Landon had picked up some cinnamon bread, so we used that), Colton and Mom went out. We hit Blockbuster, picking up MegaMind, Unstoppable, and a Mario game Colton wanted. Next up was the drycleaners, but they weren't done! Have to go back tomorrow, that is a pain (they were supposed to be done Thursday anyway!). We stopped at Reams for bread and milk. Early out for the boys, but Mom didn't have to pick up Landon as one of the other moms was at the school anyway. It was Callahan's basketball practice ... Landon tended, while watching "Unstoppable" ... he had planned on a movie in the evening, Mom and Dad too, but we all ended up staying in (Mom and Dad watched the movie, Dad made popcorn).

0224 (Thursday) Colton is still quite sick ... today he's having poop problems, having to go potty a million times in the morning. He slept a lot of the day again. Mom made the muvee of last night's game. Colton was awake when it was time to pick up the boys from school. Dad took the older boys to 5Guys for burgers. Mom went to volleyball ... but there wasn't volleyball, no more for a while ...

0223 (Wednesday) Colton's preschool had been changed from Thursday to today, but I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for him. It was actually a well-child check up, but I was glad to have it to have his ear looked at. He does have an ear infection, so more antibiotics. It had been a looooong night last night, both Baby and Mom got some napping in during the day. Luckily Colton woke up around the time for middle school carpool, Mom would have felt terrible having to wake him up and drag him out in the cold. There was a bad accident at the intersection in front of the school when Mom went to pick up the boys ... she had to be rerouted and it took an additional 20 minutes to get there! Traffic was affected for a while. Dad got home but had a hard time getting to the store to pick up ice cream toppings for their scouts (he got milk and Colton's prescription too). Keaton and Callahan had scouts too. Callahan had a basketball game at Franklin Covey at 9:00. Mom actually drove there. They won.

0222 (Tuesday) Colton had preschool then a playdate. Mom dropped off drycleaning and picked up some groceries. The usual carpools for kids, Callahan had basketball practice after school, we actually beat the carpool home. Mom made chicken pillows for dinner. Colton got sick (like Saturday evening) coughing until he threw up. Later he was screaming in pain with an earache. Poor kid!

0221 (Monday) Happy Birthday Callahan ... and Washington and Lincoln. School's out for President's Day. It would have been a perfect day to have a birthday party .... why oh why didn't Mom plan a party??? We all went out for breakfast (sans Daddy who had to work). There were some friends over in the morning keeping Callahan entertained, but then as the day progressed, he was bored. He called a couple of friends and Mom dropped them off at NickelMania for some fun. In the evening we went to Red Robin for dinner. Callahan got some new "Jazz" fleece lounge  pants and a U-Build Monopoly game which was SO complicated that it broke Daddy's brain when trying to play ...

0220 (Sunday) Sunday Circles ... every week it seems like one of the kids has a meltdown about the order in which they receive their waffle. Everyone gets one, not everyone can be first ...Colton had a bad coughing spell last night and seemed feverish. This morning he was seeming sick too and fell asleep right before church. Mom stayed home with him. On medication he perked up some, and we all went out to Maga's in the afternoon for a birthday celebration for Callahan.

0219 (Saturday) The boys had scout powwow in the morning again. Callahan had a white board practice at 12:00, a tournament game at 2:00 (they got beat), another at 4:00 (getting beat) ... we left at halftime to get to Gene Fullmer for the championship game at 5:00. Callahan did GREAT and the team won. Keaton had a birthday party during the day, and Landon went to a dance in the evening. Bailey had come over during the day with her jailbroken Ipod. Gray was willing to try it on Keaton, but as he was checking how to do it, the computer (Mom's one in the bedroom) got infected with a virus. STRESS ... but Dad was able to reset the computer to an earlier time and saved the day. He did get Keaton's Ipod jailbroken too, but it's having trouble downloading the games Keaton wants, so Keaton was still super sad.

0218 (Friday) French Toast Friday ... and we did Friday French Dip for dinner! Mom drove Landon to school so he would have a little extra time to get signatures on his high school registration which was due today. Mom and Colton stopped at the store on the way home, got some more "FierceMelon" Gatorade, which the kids have been fighting over. Midday, Mom and Colton went to Keaton's class, as he was "mystery student". Then it was the carpools for Columbia and Elkridge. Mom and Callahan were ready for Reggie's basketball practice, but it ended up being cancelled. Klint DID end up having practice, but it was at the same time as the AAU game ... in which Callahan's team got trounced. The other team was a Superleague quality and our team ... was not. The other team really worked the press and our boys seemed helpless against it. It is good for Callahan to once again get a taste of what some of the other teams might be feeling when they are dominating (in SL or JJ). Callahan does have a cough and seems run down ... he fell asleep again today (he had napped Wednesday before the superleague game). Mom is a little worried that tomorrow will be too much (powwow all morning, white board, three games ... and the most important game is last ...)

0217 (Thursday) Mom got the updated grades in an email this morning ... and then had to get after Landon about his "D" in English. Colton had preschool. Mom ran to Smiths and grabbed groceries and picked up Dad's prescription. Bryce Sexton came over for a playdate with Colton. Mom tried to help Landon with his English essay after school ... Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner. Dad had a basketball game at the church, and Callahan had a basketball practice at Gene Fullmer. Mom got some jogging in there.

0216 (Wednesday) Mom and Colton went to West Hills Middle School to fill out a permit request for Callahan ... no sense stressing about which middle school Callahan should go to until we know West Hills is even an option. We stopped by Jeffery's house and picked him up for a playdate on the way home. Keaton had scouts, and Dad brought the older scouts to our house to make tacos. Mom and Callahan went to his basketball game, catching a ride with Stockton's family.  They won. The weather was horrible and windy today, and it turned into a snowstorm in the evening.

0215 (Tuesday) Colton had preschool. Mom got some shopping in at Walmart. Randon came over for a playdate after preschool. Callahan had basketball practice, Stockton's family drove both ways, which was nice, because then Mom and Dad were able to get out on a belated Valentine's Day date to Tepanyaki. Yum.

0214 (Monday) Landon wore a pink shirt and the red glasses to school. Mom and Colton went out for a little shopping ... picked up an Ipod shuffle for Daddy for V-day, and found some clearance stuff for the older boys at Kohls. Mom was in charge of the party for Callahan's class, so one of the other moms picked up the middle school kids while Colton and Mom went over to Columbia. The party went fine. Four stations, a Twister-type game, floor darts, connect four and memory. Callahan had a scrimmage in the evening with the team for the tournament. Mom and Callahan stopped at Big5 for shoes (Landon, Callahan and Keaton) on the way home.

0213 (Sunday) Ahhhh .... nice to sleep in. Yummy breakfast. Dad and Callahan went hometeaching, Landon had a church meeting. It was a nice day out ... Mom and Colton walked to church. Cooper fell asleep in Sacrament meeting and had a hard time waking up (he was in tears).  After church we worked on the Valentine's ... cutting the pictures and inserting the suckers. Also made quick Valentine boxes for Callahan and Keaton. Mom made homemade oreos for the Sunday treat, coloring the frosting pink for a holiday touch, Grayson said the "pink" threw him off (he was expecting a cherry taste to go along with the color). I'd had to make another trip to the store for more suckers, as I opened the first bag too soon and the kids had been snacking on them. Callahan bit down on one Saturday and his tooth came out! On Sunday, he had another sucker and ... lost another tooth! Dangerous candy!

0212 (Saturday) Dad left for an early morning run with Brother Maxfield. Then the boys were off to scout merit badge classes. Gray took the car in, the poor car has been needing an oil change for such a long time! Needed air in the tires too ... all better now. Mom took pictures of the boys for Valentine's Day cards and uploaded them to a store for pickup later. Landon had reffing from 1:00-6:00 at West Jordan Middle School ... it was Callahan's group (6th grade team division). He was a little nervous about reffing the older kids and felt just a bit better when Mom told him it was just a regular game, not a championship one. When Callahan and Mom came for his game at 3:00, the game before (Cole/Mason/Hunter's team) was a tight game and running over. Landon was happy he wasn't reffing that one ... but they DID have him ref Callahan's! He told them his brother was on the team and everything. He did call one foul against Callahan that probably would not have been called by anyone else. It was an easy win for our team ... undefeated! Mom didn't get her usual spot (top bleacher near the center) so she ended up on the other side, and climbed UP on the bleachers (which were NOT down) and had a great perch for videoing the game. Mom and Callahan went back around 6:00 to pick up Landon. It was Steve's team against the team we will probably be playing against in the finals (the latter won easily). Afterwards though, Steve came up and asked if Callahan would be available to play in a competitive AAU tournament this coming weekend. That is something he hasn't tried yet and we'd like to learn a little more about, so we said yes. We're not sure if they'll be one of the better teams, but it will be fun to try. Callahan will probably get a lot of playing time (there are only seven players, and we got the indication that they were bringing in Callahan to be the star) So there are some scrimmages and practices coming up, then the games on the weekend. Callahan will have a very full basketball week with something every single. day. Picked up the pictures (Valentine's cards) and a little candy (suckers) on the way home, then grabbed some Wendy's for dinner. Landon wanted to go to a dance and Dad took him.

0211 (Friday) French Toast Friday ... Mom and Colton went to the store for more chicken. Early out ... many kids over just as Mom has to leave to get Landon and then take Callahan to his basketball practice. Callahan stayed at Stockton's after, catching a ride to the next practice with him ... although Stockton did NOT go to the practice (but to the Jazz game) Callahan took a hard hit (to Rowland's shoulder) during that practice. It was a quiet evening at home, early to bed.

0210 (Thursday) Colton had preschool and then a playdate at Randon's house. Mom made Callahan's muvee from yesterday's game, did a little blogging and work on possible Valentine Day cards for the boys. It was actually Colton's Valentine party today, as he doesn't have school on Monday. Mom is in charge of the party for Callahan's class, but hasn't heard anything from the teacher about the day/time/parental help, etc. Usually school parties have been on Friday, but as the 14th is Monday, a party at the end of the day will conflict with the middle school carpool ...so Mom's a bit stressed out about the whole thing. Stroganoff for dinner, Landon and Colton liked it, Cooper and Keaton cried about it. Mom went to play volleyball, and Dad and Landon had an altercation over spilled milk ...

0209 (Wednesday) Colton had a bit of a boring morning with his brothers gone and no playdate, but by afternoon there were some friends to play with. They went "trick-or-treating" to all the doorways in our house! Callahan had a basketball game in the evening, Mom probably could have handled the drive, but Dad was willing to come watch too. Clay's family came to see Callahan play as well. It was a fairly close game, but our team kept the lead the entire game.  Landon stayed after scouts playing basketball until 10:00.

0208 (Tuesday) All the boys had school and Mom had a doctor's appointment. After preschool, Randon came over for a playdate. Callahan had practice right after school. Mom and Dad took Landon to high school registration. Keaton was tending brothers ...  his scouts HAD been changed to tonight, but Mom hadn't really been aware of it, not that Keaton minds missing ...

0207 (Monday) Back to the routine. Got the boys off to school. Mom and Colton went to Walmart. Mom made scones for breakfast before the boys left, then got the remaining dough shaped into breadsticks and cinnamon rolls. She needed to bring in dinner to a neighbor ... Landon was sad to see the lasagna leave. There were a few extra breadsticks, but Callahan missed them because he was gone to basketball practice.

0206 (Sunday) Sunday circles. We were planning on a steak dinner, so Mom marinated some chicken and made roll dough. Colton was so excited to give the prayer in primary. Yummy steak and chicken dinner while we watched the superbowl (the Steelers lost though). Mom made sugar cookies that looked like footballs.

0205 (Saturday) Originally Landon had been scheduled for an 8-12 shift, but he really wanted to go to his 10:00 churchball game. Mom was able to get his shift changed to the afternoon. Mom and the younger boys went to watch Landon and Callahan play. They won, but it was close. Both Keaton and Cooper had their final games at 1:00. Dad took Keaton (and Callahan and Colton), Mom dropped Landon off at Joel P for his reffing, and took Cooper to Columbia. Cooper's team looked like they might have a tough time, as the other team had some good players (one kid was over a foot taller than anyone else ... is he really a 1st grader?) but then they started scoring too ... not sure what the actual points were, but Cooper was sure they had won. Keaton's team got beat badly, which was too bad as Maga and Grandpa had come to watch. Callahan's game was at 3:00, we were missing Stockton, but it was a very easy win. Everyone scored. Mom and Dad did a little date in the evening.

0204 (Friday) Late start for Landon and Friday French Toast for all ... easier with the boys out of school, but today is the last day off track. To celebrate that, Mom took the boys (all but Landon who was in school) to Golden Corral for lunch ... good thing Mom had some coupons that got the boys in for $1, because they sure don't each much! Except for ice cream ... Cooper had three bowls! Callahan had basketball practice at 4:00, we drove carpool (Stockton was sick, but Hunter was at Cody's ... those two sure make for an interesting drive!) There was a family at the church gym setting up for a party, so the boys had to just play half court. Callahan had his second practice at 7:00, Keaton at 8:00. Cooper and Colton didn't come play today. Landon went to a basketball game at the local high school with friends.

0203 (Thursday) Colton had preschool and the boys had bowling. As both get out at the same time (12:00) I had arranged for the neighbor who I usually pick up to pick up the boys from preschool ... or thought I had. She misunderstood and only picked up her son. Normally I would have made it back in good time, only being 10 minutes late, but I purposely ran some errands, thinking I was giving Colton and Jeffery a little time to play. I was 45 minutes late to pick him up from preschool! Aaaaggh! Luckily I don't think his teacher needed to go anywhere or anything, but still. Grayson had a basketball game in the evening, I took Callahan and Keaton and watched the first bit, then I headed to volleyball, again made up mainly of the First ward!

0202 (Wednesday) Grayson stayed in bed, it would have worked out to take Callahan into work today ... Callahan does get so bored on these off-track times. Keaton had a rough day, in tears several times over small things. He had scouts in the evening, I dropped the carpool off, another mom bringing them home as I would be taking off to Callahan's gameS ... a double header, 7:00 and 8:00. The first team hadn't won a game, but the second game was against one of the top teams, and they had a couple HUGE guys. Our team won both games easily though. My camera held out, I was worried about the battery a bit, and had gone out shopping earlier and picked up an 8gb memory card, which was more than adequate!

0201 (Tuesday) It's February! It was a bitterly cold and windy day. Colton's preschool was canceled, as now Ms. Cindy has a sick child, but Colton was thrilled to be able to join the boys at bowling. We took Travis too. Mom ran some errands ... found a few new jerseys for the boys. Callahan had basketball practice. He got a ride there and then Mom (and the two little boys) picked him and Stockton up. Tacos for dinner.

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