Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Daily Doings (Dec2010)

1231 (Friday) New Year's Eve. We were hosting a party in the evening, so there was some cleaning up to do. Landon wanted a black long sleeved shirt for the dance, and so he went with Mom to Walmart and found what he was looking for (the store was crazy busy!). Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Chris and his boys, and D&D and baby Ani came over for Hawaiian Haystacks and games. Shane's family was going to come too, but they had some sickness hit. Keaton wasn't feeling well either. He fell asleep pretty early then came wandering out talking about all sorts of weird things (the world moving in slow motion and someone laying on him ... and being very afraid). Colton also accidentally ate a peanut M&M ... we gave him some medicine and again, he didn't really show any signs of allergic reaction. D&D brought a Wii game over called "Just Dance" and it was funny to see people try and dance. We played Apples to Apples, Pictureka, Rat-a-Tat-Cat and Grandma taught us how to play Farkle, which Callahan really enjoyed. Landon had fun at his dance and looked sharp in his new shirt. Dad had to go pick him up at 12:40 ...

1230 (Thursday) More snow today. Callahan had a birthday party at 1:00, the roads weren't too bad when Mom dropped him off, but the storm was in full force at 4:00 when it was time to pick him up. Mom and Dad went out to Desert Star in the evening for the show there.

1229 (Wednesday) We were possibly going out to Mom's to see the cousins, but decided against it. Callahan had a scrimmage in the afternoon. He got a ride there, then Mom and Cooper went out to pick the boys up, stopping at Savers on the way. They actually had to switch churches, as where the boys usually play was occupied. Callahan had a rough game and got hurt several times. His cheek was also hurting where a wire was poking him after yesterday's ortho appointment. On the way home from practice, Mom dropped Callahan at the ortho so they could trim the wire. A storm had been forecast, and it hit, luckily the ortho office isn't far from home. Colton ate what he thought was an M&M ... but was actually a Reeses Piece (peanut butter for the allergic boy). We gave him some antihistamine and while he said he felt sick, we didn't really see any signs of an allergic reaction, whew.  Mom called from St. Marks Hospital,  Grandma had fallen and broke her hip. She'll need surgery and it's just a hard situation for all. The boys were supposed to have scouts,  but with the storm and everything, everything ended up canceled.

1228 (Tuesday) Cooper wasn't feeling well in the morning, and did end up throwing up. He threw up a second time and was pretty much down for the day. Callahan had an ortho/dentist appointment. Mom dropped him off then ran to Sam's for some milk. Back to pick him up and then they went to Kohls and got Callahan a bag for his basketball stuff. Landon wanted to go to Gene Fullmer ... he got a membership as part of his ref job, so it's free for him. Callahan and Keaton went too. They did some basketball and swimming. Mom made chicken pillows for dinner, they were very hot and Callahan burned his tongue, of course it wasn't bad enough that it stopped him from baking up some Otis cookies.

1227 (Monday) Landon was up early doing a workout (and by early, I mean like 5:00 a.m.). Dad got off to work, and everyone else was up early ... aren't the kids supposed to sleep in? Mom ran to Maceys for some groceries. Callahan had a basketball practice later in the day, but was invited over early to Stockton's, which was great as he gets SO bored at home. Mom ran to the library after dropping him off. Tried to get some of Christmas cleaned up and put away. Dad was able to pick up Callahan from practice on the way home from work. Landon took off with friends to head downtown for the Jazz game. Cooper fell asleep early and didn't watch, but Callahan kept tabs on the game. The Jazz lost. Landon didn't get home until after 11:00.

1226 (Sunday) We were attending the baby blessing at Derek's ward today (same time as ours, so we missed our church). Mom was thinking of postponing Sunday Circles until after the meeting, but the boys complained too much, so she went ahead and made breakfast. We went to the meeting. They were doing their Christmas program. We went over to the house after. Even though their house is small, it seemed to hold everyone ok. It started to snow on the way home. It was a pretty quiet Sunday ...

1225 (Saturday) The boys slept in! Until after 8:00! We did get up and unwrap gifts. Landon had asked for three things. A Jazz jersey, a basketball and some basketball shoes. He got those things and some underwear and other little things. Everyone got Legos, as usual. Callahan and Keaton had both gotten new basketball shoes and basketball earlier. They got Electronic Monopoly, Callahan got a football, Keaton got an Elmo shirt and Seasame Street hat. Cooper and Colton got hats too (Sonic and Star Wars). Mommy did NOT go overboard on gifts this year. She didn't really get much for Daddy at all. Daddy got Mommy new speakers for the computer and an Ipod Touch (which will be used by Colton as much as by Mommy). We packed up and went to Maga's house. The boys got Jazz tickets and Fanzz gift cards (Colton got a ToyStory Lego set). Dad bought Maga AppleTV and got it all set up. It's really cool and Daddy would like it for us, but our TV isn't compatible. The boys played a game of Electronic Monopoly (and then forgot it at Maga's house).

1224 (Friday) Christmas Eve. Daddy still went into work for a while and did a little shopping on the way home.Mom was busy making the soup and breadsticks (and some cinnamon rolls) and also putting together the slideshow. We headed out to Grandma and Grandpa's house around 3:40. We had soup and then watched the slideshow. We exchanged gifts and then played the candy bar game. We didn't get around to doing the nativity. Home and to bed so Santa could come. They boys slept downstairs in the big room.

1223 (Thursday) No school for the kids. Gray had been wanting to take one of the boys into work to do some scanning and filing. Originally, I had planned on Callahan going, as he'd done it before, and Landon has his ref job to help him earn extra cash. But, Callahan had a basketball practice, so Landon ended up going instead. Callahan had his practice, and then was promptly bored. Mom cooked some chicken (for soup tomorrow) and made some more cookie press cookies. Dad and the boys went out and delivered a few more neighbor gifts, and took the boys out shopping, then Dad went out for some shopping at Kohls (we had some coupons).

1222 (Wednesday) Last day of school for the boys. I didn't have anything planned for Colton. To help keep him busy we made some candied popcorn (red and green). Colton thought popping the corn was fun. Mom hurried and wrapped presents for the boys before they got out of school. Picked up the kids from school and now they have a nice holiday break. We had several kids over for a bit after school, then Keaton and Callahan left for a birthday party (at Classic Skating). It was Anniston's sealing at the temple, but Mom and Dad couldn't make it with everything going on. Mom and Dad went downtown for dinner with Daddy's business partners and their wives. Landon tended the two little boys.

1221 (Tuesday) Colton had his Christmas party at preschool. He took his camera and took some pictures. After Mom dropped him off, she headed over to the school for the Christmas program there. Callahan was first (6th grade started then went down each grade ending with kindergarten).  Mom made homemade bread and two batches of cookie press cookies. She wrapped up several plates and got some wrapping paper and Skookie gifts, and Daddy and the boys delivered them. Dad put up another basketball hoop in the downstairs hallway (as the boys were always fighting over the one ... now there is two, hope it helps).  Callahan picked out some presents to give to his friends and paid for them with his own money. Mom had made some cookies and Daddy and the boys went out delivering them. Callahan fell down the stairs, he was hurt but it didn't cause any lasting damage.

1220 (Monday) Happy Birthday Colton! A couple days ago while shopping, Mom and Colton picked up a little laser gun. Mom said Colton had to wait for his birthday. First thing this morning, Colton asked for his gun. He loved playing with it.  Addie and Will came over for a playdate during the day. They brought him a present, Moon Sand. Colton got a few other gifts during the day, a toy bow and arrow (he'd asked for this after playing with one at Randon's house), the ToyStory3 game for DS, some Gobstopper candy and a ring pop. In the evening, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Chris and D&D&A came over for some cake and ice cream. Colton played a game of "Go Fish" with Uncle Chris.  Yesterday Daddy said Colton couldn't turn 5, have his birthday or presents if he still kept his blanket and binky, so Colton gave them up and has been fine. What a big boy.

1219 (Sunday) Sunday Circles for breakfast then off to church. They primary sang a song (and sang the wrong words). Home Teachers came after church and dropped off some oreo cookie truffle balls. Then we headed up to Magas for soup and rolls. We played the candy bar game ... Cooper was SO sad when his big KitKat got taken. Adrian wasn't happy with Mom when she took his Mr. Goodbar ... and even less happy when it held the winning $50 prize. We did a left/right gift exchange for other little prizes. As it is Colton's birthday tomorrow, we sang happy birthday, but most everyone was too full to eat any.

Landon: 20 ($3), Callahan: 29 ($4), Keaton: 31 ($5)

1218 (Saturday) Started the day with Saturday Circles (Dunford Donuts) ... they were out of pink cookies. Gray headed out for a funeral of a lady in his ward growing up (Susan Lichfield). I took Keaton to his game. Callahan, Cooper and Colton came to watch. It was a competitive game, our team won, but only by two. There were pictures afterward. I sent Keaton with a teammate, quickly dropped the boys home, grabbed Landon and dropped him at his ref job, and then went to pick up Keaton from pictures. Cooper's game was next. He had quite the cheering crowd ... Dad, Grandpa, Maga&Rex, Olivia, Ana&Aiden ... he delivered too, making several fast breaks. They demolished the other team. Pictures after (Gray had driven separately so he could go home after handing off some stuff for Chris). Home again and then back out, taking Callahan and Keaton to watch the end of the 4th grade team game and pick up Landon. Dropped Callahan off at pictures and told him to hitch a ride to the game. I took Landon home, then Keaton and I left to Callahan's game, stopping at the library on the way. Callahan played the entire game. It was a good game, the other team did provide a challenge but we won pretty easily.

1217 (Friday) Cooper woke up early complaining of a headache. Mom gave him some medicine and they both went back to bed. A little later when it was time to wake up, Cooper threw up, so he stayed home from school, although he seemed fine and didn't throw up again. Colton was happy to have a brother around. Callahan's basketball practice got cancelled. Keaton had a birthday party (starting at 6:00) and still went to his practice at 8:00. Callahan went too, thinking there would be an empty court (as his coach also has the time after) ... there were actually THREE empty courts, as Keaton's coach seemed to be the only one who did NOT cancel. The boys had a really good practice and Callahan got lots of shooting in too.  Daddy went to a late night movie with Joe.

1216 (Thursday) Colton had preschool then Randon and Bryce came over for a playdate. "Despicable Me" came in the mail today, the kids have enjoyed watching it. Mom and Dad went on their date in the evening. Landon tended.

1215 (Wednesday) No playdate today, instead Mom and Colton went shopping (Big5, Walgreens, BigLots and got some crazy bread). Might be a little more ready for Christmas now.  Keaton had scouts at 5:30. At 6:30 Bailey came over to tend the little boys while Dad and Landon went to their scouts and Mom and Callahan went to his basketball game at Bennion Jr. While Callahan's team won easily, it wasn't a great game, tons of fouls, Callahan didn't get one basket, and there just weren't the usual "wow" moments. They can't all be great I guess.

1214 (Tuesday) Colton had preschool and a playdate at Randon's house. Mom made a run to Maceys for milk, bread, eggs and ice cream ... they didn't have any vanilla ice cream. She made more gingersnap dough and dropped off cookies at Randon's when she picked up Colton, and Sexton's, when they dropped off Bryce (who had stayed for the playdate as well). More cookies went to Stockton and Cody after Callahan got dropped back off from his basketball practice.

1213 (Monday) Colton had a playdate at Addie's house today. Mom ran errands (Blockbuster, Bank and Library) after dropping him off. Callahan had basketball practice in the evening and was able to catch a ride. Dad worked on calendars, Cooper watched a variety of NBA games.

1212 (Sunday) Yummy Sunday Circles as usual, then church. Mom made muvees of Cooper and Keaton's games and figured out how to load Callahan's onto his Ipod for easy viewing. Homemade Oreos for the Sunday treat.

1211 (Saturday) Keaton's game was first up at 9:00. Callahan and Cooper came to watch. The setup was a little different today, they put the teams and the scoreboard on the opposite side. Keaton had a good game again. Near the end, the coach pulled out Keaton and another kid who's good (and tall) to give the other team a chance to get some baskets in. Mom and Dad went out to breakfast and Costco, picking up some Otis cookies, yum. It's been a while. Cooper's game wasn't until later (at 4:00). He had a good game again too. Keaton and Callahan came and watched (Dad too).  We had some Dominos for dinner.

1210 (Friday) French Toast Friday ... then the kids watched some old "muvees" before heading off to school.  Callahan and Keaton had basketball practice in the evening, Callahan's is first, but then he stayed and continued to play during Keaton's practice. Cooper watched the Jazz game at home (they won).

1209 (Thursday) Colton had preschool and then a playdate with Randon at our house. Mom made a muvee of Callahan's game. In the evening Mom and Dad did their date, going to Santa Monica Pizza. It was fine, but nothing to rave about. Stopped at Cold Stone after.

1208 (Wednesday) Jacob from carpool was feeling sick, so he was staying home and Mom drove the kids to school. After we got home and Colton did his Rusty and Rosie assignment, we invited Jeffery over to play. We finished off the gingersnap cookie dough. Keaton had scouts and they made a cool copper etching and a marshmallow gun. Callahan had scouts, but had to leave a little early as he had a Superleague game tonight (9:00 start time at Franklin Covey, so Mom made Dad drive). The older youth were going caroling, which Landon was actually saying he was looking forward to, but he has been under the weather and Mom wasn't sure she wanted him out in the cold with his cough, so he stayed home. Mom, Dad and Callahan went to the game, and Callahan did GREAT! He got the first basket of the game (a three!) and was on fire the whole time. It was a good, competitive game, we won by four points.

1207 (Tuesday) Mom dropped Colton at preschool then ran to Savers. She had a 30% off coupon, and got Landon some more jeans, some Sketcher shoes for Cooper to grow into, a Karl Malone jersey (fit cooper) and some underarmor for the older boys. Spent too much, but hopefully will save on some future purchases (Coop shouldn't need new shoes in a while). Colton went over to Randon's for a playdate. Mom picked him up on the way to get Landon. She had to head over to the school early for Columbia Carpool as Callahan had Reggie's practice. Cody's mom drove today (and was waiting when we got home). Mom made the leftover dough into gingersnaps to give Cody and Stockton, but they drove off too quick after dropping Callahan off ... so we gave the cookies to neighbors instead. Dad cleaned off the desk ... so that's what the wood looks like! Landon and Callahan have been downright SHAGGY, so Mom took them for haircuts. They look very handsome. Landon hasn't been feeling well today though, runny nose and achy. Landon's friends came over around 9:00 ... most everyone was already to bed and Mom and Landon were not dressed enough to open the door, quick changes! They are planning a trip downtown to a Jazz game in a couple weeks and needed Landon's money to buy the ticket.

1206 (Monday) Back to school for the boys, except Colton. He and Mom went shopping in the morning at Sam's Club, then Addie came over in the afternoon. Landon said he needed to take cookies to seminary tomorrow. Mom was out of shortening, so she had to make another store run. Then she made the dough and Landon did the rolling and baking. Callahan didn't have Reggie's practice today (will tomorrow) but did have Klint's. They did a quick scrimmage against Klint's 8th grade team and won. Mom gave cookies to the carpool and the coach as a thank you. Cooper watched the Jazz game ... they won.

1205 (Sunday) Church and Sunday Circles as usual. Dad had thought about taking the family to temple square, but fog rolled in, and driving conditions weren't good ...although I bet the lights would have looked even prettier in the fog ... Mom made gingersnaps for the Sunday treat.

Landon: 26 $4  Callahan: 29 $5  Keaton: 23 $3

1204 (Saturday) Early start with an 8:00 at Sunset Ridge for Keaton. He did great and their team won. Dad had all the boys cleaning when we got home. Landon mopped the kitchen floor and Callahan and Keaton had to scrub walls and cabinets. The little boys emptied garbages. The washer flooded the laundry room again. Dad pulled it out, checked the classifieds and picked up a "new" (used) one and put it in. As much as Mom doesn't like to do laundry, NOT being able to do laundry is even worse! Landon had his ref shift from 1:00-5:00. Cooper had his game at 2:00. Cooper also had a great game and they won too. In the evening, Dad took Landon and Keaton out for burgers.

1203 (Friday) It was French Toast Friday, but Landon and Callahan had already eaten. Colton was happy to have Landon around for a bit in the morning to play with him. He was bored while brothers were away. He and Mom ran to Reams to get bread and milk. It was early out for the elementary. Keaton went on a scout field trip, and as soon as Mom got back with Landon from the middle school carpool, she and Callahan picked up Stockton and went to basketball practice. The light was out at 5400 and Redwood Road, but a cop came and directed traffic, so it wasn't too bad. Instead of walking the gym as she usually does, Mom went to the thrift store and picked up a couple jeans for Landon and a Jazz jersey for Cooper (a great find). The traffic light was still out on the way home (but the cop was still there too). Callahan and Cooper were going to Ridley's birthday party at a swimming pool. Colton was SO sad, that the Shaw's said he could come too. Keaton had basketball practice from 8:00-9:00, Mom saw Callahan's team there (there practice was from 7:00-8:00). Landon went and hung out with friends. There was a late Jazz game on, started at 8:30 and ended after 11:00 ... Callahan and Cooper gave up and went to bed as the team was loosing.

1202 (Thursday) Colton had preschool and then a playdate at Bryce's house. Mom ran into Elkridge to request that Callahan could go there. We'll probably put one in at West Hills too and then we'll have to decide which place to go. Mom also did a little shopping for the boys, got some basketball shorts for Landon and some basketball shoes for Callahan, Keaton and Cooper. When the boys were home from school, Mom and Landon had to run to Gene Fullmer to correct some paperwork Landon had filled out incorrectly. We went ahead and got his membership (free with the job) while we were there. Mom and Dad went out on their weekly date tonight, as Friday is booked with basketball practice and other stuff.

1201 (Wednesday) Colton was bored with his brothers gone, so Mom invited Jeffery over for a playdate, they played until it was time to pick up Landon. Keaton had scouts, Mom dropped him off then ran to the library and Dominos. The traffic was HORRIBLE. Callahan's scouts had a trip to the police station, Landon's group played dodgeball and ate pizza. Cooper and Colton had baths and then Cooper watched the Jazz game.

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