Thursday, July 1, 2010

Daily Doings (July)

0701 (Thursday) Today was field day at school. Callahan and Keaton wore white shirts and had their friends sign them. Colton had his last day of swimming lessons (this session). Landon came to watch and Colton and Addie liked showing him their swimming skills! Mom, L&C came straight to field day on the way home from swimming lessons. The favorite activities were the water ones … dunk tank and slip and slide. In the evening, we went to SUB ZERO for ice cream (AGAIN ... we just went yesterday!) Yummy! Landon: Go to swimming lessons, Help at field day, mow Littlewood’s lawn Callahan: SCHOOL, Dishwasher, Window Well Keaton: SCHOOL, Clean Basement, Window Well,

0702 (Friday) The LAST day of school! Out at 12:30. Callahan put the song "School's Out for Summer" on his Ipod. Landon was invited to Lagoon with friends. It was a hot and windy day. Mom and Dad went to a movie, so Callahan and Keaton tended the little boys. Landon:LAGOON Callahan: SCHOOL, flowers, bedroom, BG(Sorry), Wii Fit, Babysitting, Reading. Keaton: SCHOOL, bedroom, BG(Sorry), Wii Fit, Babysit, Reading

0703 (Saturday) Our neighbors, the Lavalees, put a big above ground pool in their back yard. It took a long time to fill up with water. Today, all the kids went swimming there and had fun playing in their backyard. In the evening, we all went to the rodeo. Cooper has seen a rodeo on an episode of SpongeBob and didn't know if they were real or imaginary! They are real. It was NOT as fun as the Demolition Derby we went to last week. It was pretty long. There were cowboys wrestling and roping cows, girls on horses running around barrels, bucking broncos, bull riding and even little kids trying to ride sheep (that was called "Mutton Busting"). After the rodeo, there were fireworks, our seats from the rodeo gave us a good view. There were SO many people and cars everywhere. We had to walk a long way to the car (Dad had dropped us off close when it started) and then the traffic was really bad trying to get home. It was past 11:00 and all the kids except Landon fell asleep in the car. Landon: Journal, Weedeater, Spray Weeds, BG(Othello) Callahan: Flowers, Wii Fit, BG(Othello), Journal Keaton: Laundry, Dishwasher, Clean Lego Room, BG (Mastermind), Wii Fit,

0704 (Sunday) We all went to church. In the evening we went out to Maga's house. We had ribs and chicken for dinner and Skookie for dessert. Landon: Jobs, Laundry, Church, Callahan: Flowers, BG/Othello, Church, Laundry, Wii Fit, Keaton: Church, Dishwasher, WiiFit, Journal

0705 (Monday) Celebrating the 4th of July. Landon and Gray got up early to do flags. They brought home yummy Krispie Kreme donuts after. Grayson went on a mountain bike ride. We all went and saw ToyStory 3. The kids went swimming in the neighbor's pool again. We did fireworks at night. Down the street they did great big ones, Landon went and watched on their roof with his friends. Closer to home we did some fireworks with the other families in the neighborhood, fountains and sparklers. We got out some glow sticks too. The pop-its from last year did NOT work. Landon rode his Ripstick and it's wheels glowed and flashed, it was cool! Landon:Flags, Clean Car, Vacuum, Flags, Callahan: Wii Fit, Flowers, Sudoku, BG(Monopoly), Journal, Keaton: Flags, Dishwasher, WiiFit, BG(Monopoly)

0706 (Tuesday) First "official" day of summer for the elementary school kids ... everyone slept in after staying up pretty late last night. Cooper and Colton had swimming lessons, then we ALL went swimming at Grandma and Grandpa's pool. Back at home, Mom bought some pizza and breadsticks, then the kids went swimming in Lavalee's pool! Lots of swimming today! Landon: WiiFit, Jobs, Reading Callahan: Wii Fit, Journal, Flowers, Window well, Clean Fireworks, Reading Keaton: Window Well, Clean Fireworks, Dishwasher, Laundry, Reading

0707 (Wednesday) Callahan and Keaton joined the little boys at swimming lessons today. We stopped for donuts on the way home. Played a lot with friends. Soccer is making a comeback, but several people got the wind knocked out of them when the ball was kicked hard into their stomach. Landon a nd Daddy worked on bike stuff for scouts, Callahan had scouts at the church. Cooper came in with an itchy red rash on his neck, we don't know what it was. Mom gave him some antihistamine and it got better before bed. Landon: Jobs, Scouts Callahan: Flowers, Swimming, Wii Fit, Scouts Keaton:Swimming, Dishwasher

0708 (Thursday) Callahan was off early to scout camp. Keaton came to swimming lessons with the little boys again today (and will tomorrow too). Landon: Bathrooms, Tending, Dinner(tacos) Callahan : SCOUTS, Reading, Wii Fit Keaton: Swimming,Water Flowers, Tending

0709 (Friday) Callahan was off to scout camp again, he'll be staying overnight. Mom made a quick trip to the store in the morning because we were completely out of milk! Swimming lessons for the three youngest. Landon heard a new song he likes, but it isn't available to purchase yet. Landon and Keaton (and friends Bailey and Jacob) went to a movie and Nickel Mania. Daddy left to join Callahan at the camp. Landon: Change Batteries, Babysitting, Loading DI Stuff Callahan: SCOUT CAMP Keaton: Dishwasher, Swimming

0710 (Saturday) Colton had a soccer orientation first thing in the morning at Marv Jensen. He's going to play on a team with Addie, and Uncle Clay is going to be the coach. Their shirts are dark green. Callahan got home from scout camp in time to go to his basketball game. Callahan: SCOUT CAMP, (BBGame), Journal, Flowers, Wii Fit, Dinner (T.Cheese) Keaton: Lawn Cleanup

0711 (Sunday) Had the usual Sunday Circles for breakfast. Went to church. Drove out to see the house that Daddy built. Landon:CHURCH, HT, Callahan: CHURCH, Laundry, Clean Room, Dishwasher, Wii Fit, Make Malts Keaton: CHURCH, Wii Fit, Yard Cleanup, UNO, Bedroom

0712 (Monday) Keaton left for scout camp early this morning. The two little boys had swimming lessons. In the evening we went out to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a neighborhood party. There was a waterslide, bounce house, face painting, balloon man and food. It was fun. Landon: Callahan: Wii Fit, Dishwasher, Journal, Read Keaton:SCOUT CAMP

0713 (Tuesday) Keaton had scout camp again. It was safety day at swimming lessons, so we brought our life jackets. Landon: Callahan:Journal, Wii Fit, Garbages, Clean Room, Read, Keaton: SCOUT CAMP, Laundry

0714 (Wednesday) The little boys had swimming lessons. Kohls and Sam's Club. Callahan has basketball practice, Colton had soccer practice. More swimming at Lavalees. Landon: Babysit, Clean Kitchen, Vacuum, Scouts Callahan: Flowers, Wii Fit, Clean Babies Room, Yard Clean Up, Reading Keaton: Babysitting, Dishwasher

0715 (Thursday) Landon: Keaton: Callahan: Flowers, WiiFit, Clean Hallway, Read

0716-0722 SEATTLE

0723 (Friday) There were lots of friends over (Ryland and Ridley, Paige and Kira, Jacob and Bailey). The boys went swimming at Lavalee's pool. Colton tried some new goggles. Mom and Dad went to a movie in the evening. There were lots of friends over when they got back (Mom doesn't like that!) and the boys played out in the dark until late. Landon: Puzzle, Babysitting Callahan: Flowers, SchoolPaper, Unpack, BG(Sorry), Journal, Malt Keaton: Unpack, BG, Read, Dishwasher

0724 (Saturday)Pioneer Day ... we watched a little of the parade on tv. Landon: Unpack (finally!) Callahan: WiiFit, Dishwasher, Sudoku, Read, Keaton: Garbages

0725 (Sunday) Yummy Sunday Circles for breakfast. We walked to church, it's HOT. We thought Keaton had gone on ahead, but he hadn't (he was outside). Mom had to go back home for him. Daddy made a yummy dinner, roast ala BBQ. Landon: Church, JournalCallahan: Church, Journal, WiiFit, Flowers, Laundry, Keaton:Dishwasher, Church

0726 (Monday) The Burb has a flat tire, Dad filled it up before he left for work and Mom took it in to get it fixed. The boys played with friends and went swimming at Lavalee's, but it was cloudy and even started to rain! Cooper lost his second tooth. Landon: Babysit, Laundry Callahan: Solitaire, BG (Sorry), Colton's Room, Garbages, Wii Fit Keaton: Bedroom, Batteries, WiiFit, Dishwasher, Solitaire

0727 (Tuesday) We had french toast for breakfast ... Landon helped make it! Then we went swimming out at Grandma and Grandpa's neighborhood pool. We swam for TWO hours! The boys liked the inflated rings, and we took some pictures with the underwater camera. We stopped for some Arby's to fill hungry tummies. Some of the boys went swimming again at B&J's pool. Mom picked up some pizza and breadsticks and got a new ToyStory3 game for the Wii. Landon: Breakfast, Babysit, ScoutStuff Callahan: Clean room, Flowers, Cardio, Othello, Wii Fit, Reading Keaton: Dishwasher, WiiFit

0728 (Wednesday) Mom went to Maceys in the morning for some grocery shopping. Cooper and Colton went too, to get an ice cream cone ... but the ice cream dispenser was broken! So sad ... so we made a quick stop at Arctic Circle on the way home and got a cone there. Landon's group had scouts, so ALL the boys came over to the house around 4:00 before they headed out to the museum. Callahan had basketball practice (it started to rain, but just a little, enough to cool things down) and Colton had soccer practice. Cooper and Keaton came to it too, and kicked a ball around and played a bit with cousin Will. We picked up Callahan from basketball on the way home from soccer, then Callahan had scouts over at the church. Daddy went out to play racquetball. There were a lot of friends over, it was a busy evening! Landon: SCOUTS Callahan: Flowers, LittleFridge, WiiFit, BG (Monopoly), SCOUTS Keaton: Bedroom, WiiFit, BG (Monopoly)

0729 (Thursday) Grayson took Callahan to work with him today to do some scanning and filing of paperwork. Daddy thought it would take him all day, but Callahan got in done in just a few hours. It was National Lasagna Day today ... Landon helped Mom make a lasagna (well ... four actually) and then he got to enjoy the fruits of his labors (yum!). Landon had an ortho appointment in the afternoon. They tightened his retainer. He can't just flip them out with his tongue anymore. Callahan had basketball practice at 5:00. It had been cloudy and raining earlier in the day, but it was back to being HOT by evening. Landon: Lasagna, Ortho Callahan: DADDY'S WORK, WiiFit, BG (MonopolyCity) Keaton: Dishwasher

0730 (Friday) Landon mowed (scouts service) in the morning, Mom mowed our lawn. In the afternoon we went out to a sprinkler park. Callahan didn't want to come, so we took Bailey and Jacob. The kids had a blast. We were also looking for the park where Colton's soccer game would be in the morning, and the sprinkler park and the soccer park were the same one! Mom got lots of pictures. In the evening, the boys had a gun war. Mom and Dad went out to Fazolis. Landon:MowLawn, Lawn Edging, Babysit Callahan: Dishwasher, WiiFit, Journal, Cooper Playtime, Solitare, Read Keaton: WiiFit, Bedroom

0731 (Saturday) Daddy left early for a mountain race. Callahan had a basketball practice, and everyone else went to go see Colton in his soccer game. Colton must have learned a lot watching and playing with brothers, because he was the star of the team. He made five or six goals. Landon found a praying mantis and emptied out the water bottle to bring it home in. Colton got super sad at the end of the game because his CTR ring fell off somewhere in the grass. We all looked for it, but couldn't find it ... but we did find another praying mantis. Mom had an extra CTR ring at home so it wasn't too much of a loss. Callahan had a basketball game later in the day, against one of the tougher teams. We were missing a couple players and the other team won. But it was still close, and we'll probably play them again for the championship. We all went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Last time we went, Landon filled up on rolls and didn't eat any of his dinner. This time, he saved room for his entrée, which was a giant hamburger. After dinner, we went out to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a surprise party for Aunt Alicia. We ate cake and ice cream and then came home. Landon:
Callahan: LegoRoom, Wii Fit, Read Keaton:

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